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MMM #25: Good Help Ain’t Cheap When It Comes to Financial Planners

If you want something done right, you better do it yourself… or pay good money to find someone to help you do it! This is particularly true when it comes to matters of personal finance.  It is hard enough to find good help in the financial world and, even when you do, you are going to pay for it.  How do you separate what’s worth the money and what’s not?  That’s what this episode is all about. 

What You’ll Learn:

In today’s episode of Money Meets Medicine, “Good Help Ain’t Cheap When It Comes to Financial Planners,” you’re going to learn: 

Physician Contract Reviews


  • What good financial advice ACTUALLY looks like.
  • How to separate the good financial advice from the bad.
  • What’s the gold standard for financial advising
  • The questions you need to ask a financial advisor before you hire one.
  • And more!

Resources from the Episode:

Physician Wealth Services

Recommended Financial Planners

The Gold-Standard of Financial Planning

Saving Money. How Much is Enough? The 30% Rule

This Episode’s Sponsor

This episode is brought to you by Physician Wealth Services.  You may have heard of it before, and that’s because it is the flat fee-only firm run by none other than my co-host Ryan Inman.

I’ve known Ryan for some time now and I can tell you two things about Ryan that stand out.  The first is his practice structure, which provides a fair flat fee that is both transparent and fair.  It certainly meets the gold-standard that I tell my students to find. The second is that Ryan and his practice partner Kayse do everything within their power to optimize and individualize plans to best suit their clients’ needs.

This is one of the reasons that Physician Wealth Services makes my very small list of recommended financial planners.  If you want to see if Physician Wealth Services would be a good fit for you, visit to schedule a free introductory call.

Listener Question of the Week:

This episodes’ listener question comes from Grant via Twitter:

“Advice for transitioning to new attendings with possible student loan payments being pushed back until September 2020, would you adjust your plan of attack with how you use your money budgeted for your WAR? Of course keeping WAR rate the same and knowing loans will come due.”

Each episode, we are going to start including listener questions as they are provided to us.  So, if you have a specific question you’d like answered on the podcast reach out to us!  Email [email protected] or [email protected]

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