How Academic Medicine Made Me a Non-Academic Author

physician author

Introduction:  Today’s post is a guest post by Brian Downs. Dr. Downs is a surgeon and a writer.  Today’s post fits in perfectly with our Wellness Wednesday posts as it highlights finding joy outside of our work: being a physician author.  Brian blogs over at Cognitive Buffer on a wide range of topics all with the hope … Read more

Physician Finance Interview #6

Physician Finance Interview

This is Physician Finance Interview #6. Today’s post comes from none other than Hatton1 who is a well-known commenter on many physician websites.  Hatton now runs a blog of her own over at Doctor of Finance MD focused on the retirement aspect of personal finance. The most recent Physician Finance Interviews can be found below: … Read more

Honesty is Still The Best Policy: Marriage Sucks

Honesty is the best policy

A woman stood up, and introduced herself.  We all knew her anyway.  Tracy and her family, including her husband – a physician at the hospital when I was in training – had been attending the same church as us for a while now. She said very plainly, “I would really appreciate some prayer for our … Read more