TPP Net Worth Update: 6 Months Out

This is my first of (at least) quarterly TPP Net Worth updates. This will help hold me accountable, help provide transparency to my readers, and hopefully provide those coming behind me some proof that financial goals can be achieved in a way to make both the head and the heart happy!

Three Keys to Satisfaction at Work

“How can I become motivated at work?”  Through the ideas outlined by Ryan and Deci, we will discuss the three main factors to becoming self-motivated.  These are Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness.  We will then discuss how they are related to the work of a medical professional.

Should I go to medical school?

It is a common question asked by those thinking about going into the field of medicine, “Would you go into medicine again if you did it all over?” Sometimes they ask, “Would you tell your son or daughter to go into medicine?”  Today we are going to look strictly at the financial aspect of this decision.

Disability Insurance:What I wish I had Known

I told him I needed life insurance. He said sure.  He told me I needed disability insurance.  I told him no (three times in fact).    He asked if I was healthy, and I mentioned a couple of medical problems for which I get treatment (one included an essential tremor…propranolol for the rescue!).  Eventually, though he sold me on the idea of going for it.  “What could it hurt to try….”