Determined Physician Coaching

You worked hard to get to where you are… so why aren’t you fulfilled in medicine?


We have been there. 
Let us help you figure out your next step.

There is a reason that medicine doesn’t feel like the promised land that you thought it would…

You worked hard to become a physician. You deserve to be the captain of your own ship. To live a life you love. Why wait until “someday” to be happy? Why not learn the skills and make the necessary changes to enjoy the journey now?

Self-Determined Physician Model
Determined Physician Coaching focuses on…


The #1 mistake doctors make is changing their situation before doing the tough thought-work to determine the real problem.



Like gas for the car, money is what allows us to live the life we want. Save for tomorrow while you build cash flow for today.



Finding that elusive work-life life balance requires intentional planning, intentional thought work, and mastery of your “why” in life.

Because when you master your mindset, money, and time… you can really start living life on your terms.

Hi, I’m Jimmy Turner MD

On the outside, I looked like I had it all together. From my days as the student body president of my medical school to the teaching awards and randomized control trial publications as an attending physician. I even had a successful online business as a podcaster and course creator.

Yet, on the inside, I was miserable. I constantly felt stuck.

Burned out and overwhelmed, I kept looking for the next accomplishment or achievement to make me happy.

I didn’t realize until much later that there is a name for this. It is called an Arrival Fallacy – The idea that the “next thing” would be what finally makes me happy.

I felt trapped in a life I didn’t want.

It was through mastering my mindset and my financial situation that I was finally able to live life on my terms.

Now, through coaching for physicians, I help other doctors find the freedom I’ve found by helping them master their mindset, their money, and their balance.

Physician Coaching is the answer.

Coaching for Physicians by Physicians

“Coaching forces you to become the best version of you”

Michael Hersh, MD

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Determined Physician Coaching

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“It’s worth every cent! Your ROI is off the charts!”
Joseph Mahon, MD
Reconstructive Urologist

Coaching for Physicians:
Meet the DPC Coaches

Hand-selected Physician Coaches Based on Your Needs

Lil Surprenant, MD

Internal Medicine Hospitalist

My name is Lil, and I’ve worked as an IM hospitalist for many years. I’m originally from South Carolina, trained in Utah and traveled here and there before landing back home. I’ve worked in multiple hospital systems, both big and small and have travelled the road from serious burnout to real satisfaction at work.

On the personal side, this many years on the planet has allowed for a lot of experiences that give me perspective as a coach…divorce, bankruptcy (yes, I’m telling you this on a bio!), remarriage, sprinkle on a sustained 75 lb weight loss and lots of living in between.

I’m the person that you can help you bring your stuff out, no matter what it is or how you feel about it now.

I’ve got you.

Krystal Sodaitis MD

Krystal Sodaitis, MD, MPH


I’m Krystal, a board-certified pediatrician, fellowship trained in academic general pediatrics. I transitioned from academic medicine to working for a health insurance company in 2013 and I’m currently a Senior Director.

I am a coach for physicians, pediatrician, wife, mother, health care executive and, life-long learner. Externally, I seemed to “have it all figured out” yet was filled with doubt, self-hatred and Imposter Syndrome. All that changed when I found coaching. I coach myself every day and use it as a leadership tool for my team and to nurture the leader in me.

Why do I love coaching gifted people?

Because the smarter someone is, the more likely they are to have an area they’re NOT good at. This fact often causes a lot of stress, pain and anxiety – and even more likely if they’ve a diagnosis that affects their ability to focus or learn.

If this sounds like you, I’m your coach.

Daniel Presutti, MD


Originally from Connecticut, I’m Dan, academic anesthesiologist in North Carolina. Interestingly, my path into medicine was not the result of 20+ straight years of academics.

Instead, I earned my Bachelor of Science from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Post college graduation, I served as an Army Officer for 5 years, including deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003). It was during this time of service when I made the decision to change career paths and pursue medicine.

My wife, Jenna, is a CRNA and there’s never a dull moment with 3 kids, a Saint Bernard, and a Bernese Mountain Dog. I bring a variety of life experiences to my role, including a divorce, which has helped shape my views on life. I provide coaching for physicians in areas of interpersonal relationships, life balance, building self-worth and goal orientation.

Pete Baum

Pete Baum, DO

Family Medicine

I am a husband, father, outdoor enthusiast, life coach, and Family Medicine Physician in the greater San Diego, CA area.

Like many doctors, I burned out early on and wasn’t happy.  Life coaching helped me to regain control of my life, one thought at a time.  Yes, it’s that simple…

I can help you to work through and overcome burnout, self-doubt, and imposter “syndrome.” I will help you discover insights into your relationships and empower you to change so you can start showing up as you want to be. Whether it’s money mindset, your financial goals, or starting a side-gig – we can tackle it! Every topic is coachable. Let’s get started!


Elizabeth Chiang, MD, PhD

Opthalmologist/Oculoplastic Surgeon

Call me Elisa, short for Elizabeth. I am a board-certified ophthalmologist and fellowship-trained oculoplastic surgeon who has worked both in private practice, as well as for a bureaucratic hospital system.

The hospital system, along with taking 24-7 call, resulted in burnout. Although I had the financial piece of the three pillars figured out, it took coaching and working on my mindset to overcome burnout. 

I can help you overcome burnout, get out of the trap of arrival fallacy, and build your path to financial independence while enjoying the journey to get there. I can’t wait to work on your money mindset or help you toward whatever goal you want to accomplish.

“My only regret is not having done this sooner.”
Carlos E. Pineda, MD
Vascular Surgeon
Megan Ringle MD MPH

 “Coaching has helped me work toward the big picture. I wish I had found it sooner…and I would recommend it to anyone!”

Megan Ringle, MD MPH

Frequently asked questions about
coaching for physicians

Why is it called "Determined Physician" Coaching?

Determined Physician Coaching was previously called the Alpha Coaching Experience (ACE), but then Jimmy wrote his book which better encapsulated the goal of coaching,  Determined: How Burned-Out Doctors Can Thrive in a Broken Medical System.

So, what does it mean to be determined?  It means that you have the autonomy to live a life exactly how you want.  One that motivates you to wake up each day and to pursue your passions whether that be inside or outside of medicine.


What is the overall purpose of coaching?

Most doctors who enroll in coaching are in a point of transition, and they are looking to get the clarity and confidence they need to make a change.

They are often burned out (though not everyone we coach is burned out) and looking to make a change in medicine. This could mean that they are thinking about going part-time, changing jobs, negotiating a contract, or leaving medicine altogether.

How many coaching calls does the literature say I need?

The evidence shows that physicians need 6-8 professional coaching calls to decrease burnout and emotional exhaustion and to improve quality of life.

After this change takes place, many continue getting coached after their initial transformation takes place.  However, it is different for everyone!  Get coached as much or as little as you need.  We just want you to get to your goals!

How much does physician coaching cost?

Inside of DPC, you get the curriculum we teach all of our clients (The 3 Pillars to Physician Freedom), a copy of Determined, and one-on-one coaching.

There are two packages you can purchase:

  • Two one-on-one calls per month for $999/month
  • Weekly one-on-one calls for $1749/month

The coaching is performed by Jimmy and the other DPC coaches!

Who does the coaching?

All of the coaching in DPC is provided by a certified coach who is also a physician. 

These certified physician coaches include Dr. Jimmy Turner and the other amazing DPC coaches listed on this page, which include anesthesiologists, primary care doctors, surgeons, and more!

“I would probably say Jimmy could charge 3 to 4 times the amount and it would be worth it. This will undoubtedly buy extra years in my career.”

Drew Cronyn, MD

Determined Physician Coaching

Participate in any part of the program that fulfills your needs.

Individual One-on-One Sessions

Total of eight (8) 45-minute one-on-one sessions with a Determined Coach each month while enrolled in DPC, because this is the number of calls the literature says on average docs need to see significant improvement.


Foundational Learning Resources

Lifetime access to our step-by-step process to create more time and financial freedom. Each client also gets a copy of Jimmy’s book Determined: How Burned-Out Doctors Can Thrive in a Broken Medical System.


Free CME Credits

Through personal reflections, your investment in yourself earns the dual benefit of free CME credits.

Yes, we have had multiple clients have success getting their CME office to pay for DCP as a coaching program.


Lifetime Group Coaching

Lifetime group coaching calls for all DPC clients and alumni after finishing program to help sustain the progress you have created while in the program!

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