Financial Advisors for Physicians

The list below of recommended financial advisors for physicians will never be very long on this site, because this list includes the least conflicted group of financial advisors I can recommend.  They all meet the gold-standard of financial advising

Note, I love hearing about good experiences from readers with these recommended financial advisors.  If you have had a bad experience, let me know. Multiple complaints will result in removal from this list.

Many of you know that I believe people break up into one of three categories:

  • The Do-It-Yourself personal finance crowd.  My hope is that everyone would become a part of this group. However, that’s just not how it works.
  • Next, we have the “Dot the i’s and cross the t’s” group.  Some simply want a professional advisor to look things over.
  • Finally, there is the “outsourcing group.”  Others want nothing to do with managing their own finances, and would like to outsource their finances just like they do in other areas of their life (childcare, lawn care, etc).

Because I want this website to be helpful for people from all three groups, I have put together a list of recommended financial advisors.

In the end, the problem is that knowing good advisors from the rest can be a huge challenge – even for those of us that know a decent amount about the industry. 

So, this list of recommended financial advisors for physicians is here to help you out!

Recommended Financial Advisors for Physicians

The advisors that have made this list have filled out an application (TPP Financial Advisor Application) and they have been vetted through this process.

All of the advisors below have to pay to get on this list.  A payment is required for two reasons.
1) To make them go through the application/vetting process.  This implies that some will submit payments to apply, and not be accepted.
2) This is a for-profit website with a charitable mission.

Of note, financial advisors who are sponsors of the site are listed first.  After that, those who simply want to be listed on this page (without sponsoring the site) will be listed the order in which they joined the list.  Upon renewal of payment, they will then be shuffled to the top of the list beneath the sponsors.

Justin Harvey – QuantiFI Planning

Hi, I’m Justin — my wife is an anesthesia resident, and I’m a financial planner — we’re both very busy people.  My practice is dedicated to serving families just like mine.  
I have firsthand experience with how the time-crunch of clinical demands can be overwhelming at times.  As a busy physician with many responsibilities in life, it can be tough to find adequate time to build a financial foundation with intentionality and focus.  Feeling the pressure to be financially organized, deal with student loans, and optimize your own investments can result in stress, anxiety, and mistakes.  
My firm partners with physicians in this predicament, to lift the burden of stress and help them move toward their goals with clarity and confidence.  We serve our clients in a transparent flat-fee model that aligns our interests with that of the physicians we serve.  Additionally, I have a particular expertise in the anesthesia and pain specialties and work hard to understand the unique dynamics of employment, compensation, opportunity, and lifestyle that comes with working in those fields. 
Integrity Wealth

Integrity Wealth Solutions

Justina Welch or Clint Thomas
5211 S. Quebec Street
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
(303) 716-5777

Integrity Wealth TPP Application 

Integrity Wealth Solutions

Integrity Wealth Solutions approaches wealth management and financial planning differently.  We’ve created a unique, tiered flat fee, asset management compensation structure designed with our client’s interests and success in mind. Our firm’s investment philosophy is centered on cost and tax efficient portfolio management, aimed to help the client retain more of their investment growth.

A cornerstone in Integrity Wealth Solutions’ financial planning process is the alignment of financial goals with insightful strategies that fit individual circumstances.  We develop a holistic, customized, integrated financial plan that can evolve as the client’s needs grow and help clients maintain focus through the inevitable ups and downs of the market.

Integrity Wealth Solutions flat quarterly fee for investment management typically ranges from $1,250 to $2,500, depending on asset under management. This flat fee also includes active comprehensive financial planning on an on-going basis.

Financial Plan Only
For clients not engaging us for investment management, may decide to work with us for a financial plan only. A one-time financial plan fee ranges between $1,000 – $5,000, depending on complexity.

Physician Wealth Services

Physician Wealth Services was created to help physicians and their families, like Ryan’s, take control of their finances and position themselves for a bright financial future. His wife, Taylor, is a Pediatric Pulmonologist, and his goal is to provide trustworthy, unbiased financial advice to dedicated, hardworking people like her. He started his fee-only practice to help physicians sleep well at night knowing they have a trusted advisor who is guiding them toward financial independence.

Financial Residency Podcast

The Financial Residency Podcast is a bi-weekly (Monday/Friday) show producing content for residents and attendings who are early in their medical career. This podcast exists to provide free education to those who are willing to become accountable for their financial decisions and ultimately live a life with less stress about money.

Skyview Financial Planning

Hi! My name is Donovan Sanchez. I designed Skyview Financial Planning, LLC to serve physicians interested in independent advice for a fair price. 

The firm was founded on the belief that advisors should be paid based on their knowledge, time, and skill, rather than their ability to sell a product, or how much money you choose to let them manage.

With this belief in mind, clients receive financial planning and investment management for a single flat fee that doesn’t increase based on assets, income, or net worth.

To be clear, this firm isn’t for everyone. It’s primarily for those looking to offload their financial planning and investment management so that they can focus on things that bring them greater satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

If you’re interested in independent advice for a fair price, or simply want to explore what a partnership looks like, please schedule a free, no-obligation appointment through the link above.

W. Ben Utley,  CFP® – Physician Family Financial Advisors Inc.

My team and I make it easy for physician families like yours to save time and taxes while paying off student loans, buying a home and setting aside all the money you need for college and retirement. We focus exclusively on financial security for physicians, which might be why Physician’s Practice, The White Coat Investor and The New York Times have written about us. As fee-only financial planners, we charge a level monthly subscription fee that includes all the financial planning and investment advice you need without conflicts of interest. We are fiduciaries with 25 years experience serving families nationwide.​

Physician Family Financial Advisors TPP Application