Financial Advisors

Many of you know that I am a proponent of DIY personal finance. That said, not everyone is cut out for doing all of their finances on their own.  Some simply want a professional advisor to look things over. Others want nothing to do with managing their own finances, and would like to outsource their finances just like they do in other areas of their life (childcare, lawn care, etc). Therefore, I have put together a list of recommended financial advisors.

The problem is that knowing good advisors from the rest can be a huge challenge – even for those of us that know a decent amount about the industry.  For this reason, I’ve put together a page of advisors that I can whole-heartedly recommend.  Leading a reader astray is a sure way to get their money refunded and their name removed from this list.

The advisors that have made this list have filled out an application (Financial Advisor Advertising Application) and they have been vetted by myself and an unbiased, non-TPP-sponsor who is also a financial advisor to land a spot on this list.

All of the advisors below have to pay to get on this list, but it is a low required payment that is there for two specific reasons:
1) To make them go through the application/vetting process.
2) This is a for-profit website with a charitable cause.

Financial advisors who are also sponsors of the site are listed first.  After that, they are listed in the order in which they joined the site.  Upon renewal of payment, they will then be shuffled to the top of the list beneath the sponsors.

Recommended Financial Advisors List

**The application process is underway. Expect this list to go live in November!**