Is Real Estate Crowdfunding in Trouble?

real estate crowdfunding

Peter over at Passive Income MD has become a go-to source on real estate investing.  In particular, he possesses a great deal of knowledge regarding real estate syndications.  In today’s post, he discusses some of the recent concerns in the syndication space.  Then, he touches on what you should be doing about it.  This post … Read more

Choosing the Right Asset Allocation: Avoiding Analysis Paralysis (BFS #2)

choosing the right asset allocation

Getting started is sometimes the toughest part about investing. How do we pick the right asset allocation? What IS the right asset allocation? Behavioral Finance has something to teach us about why limiting our choices, and making things simple, is often the best way to figure it all out.

Can I Afford the Monthly Payments? Losing The Forest for the Trees

Can I afford the monthly payments?

Have you ever wondered whether you could afford a monthly payment on something? Maybe a car, house, or private school payments? I would argue that people asking this question are losing the forest for the trees. And we all do it. This post is here to remind us that there is a better way to think about money, and to tell you how to find the right mindset.

Why Finding the Flow Might Be the Most Important Goal

Finding the flow

We all know the experience. We are working hard, sometimes without even realizing how much work is being put in. As we diligently take care of our task, we are immersed. At some point, our concentration is broken (maybe because the task is done), and we realize that hours have passed. You have just found the “flow,” and I am here to tell you that it might be the most important goal we should have.