How Contagious Discipline Killed the Bear (Market)

A plan that was attempted and failed is always better than failing to plan.  Right?  If you don’t plan at all, you are just guaranteeing failure.  Being mentally, relationally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally disciplined all have guaranteed dividends. But how does discipline kill a bear?

A new golden rule? The Doctrine of Charity

Charity is defined as “the voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need.” While charity via giving money is a good thing (and one we encourage!) it is not the only form of charity. Charity can be given through a variety of mechanisms to “those in need.” One way is through the Doctrine of Charity.

Expectations and Reality: Producing Happiness

How do you have a successful marriage?  How did you have kids during residency?  Doesn’t your spouse get tired of not seeing you during this rotation?  Wasn’t medical school hard? How do you balance your research, clinical work, and having a family of five? The secret I have found to all of these dilemmas is about setting expectations.

Wellness: Is it Worth the Cost?

Burnout is both prevalent (in residents and attendings), costly (as much as $250,000-$1,000,000 per physician who leaves because of burnout), and deadly (an estimated 400 attending physicians end their life each year).  Today we answer the following: As an organization does investing in wellness provides a good return on investment?

Physician Burnout: You Aren’t Alone

I used to think this topic (and many other similar topics) were “mushy” topics that people only discussed if they had problems.  I then started to realize that all of us have problems or know someone that does.  We can continue to ignore these topics and pretend they aren’t a problem, or we can step up and combat the issue head on.  Before we do that, though, we have to define the enemy.  What exactly is burnout?

Disability Insurance:What I wish I had Known

I told him I needed life insurance. He said sure.  He told me I needed disability insurance.  I told him no (three times in fact).    He asked if I was healthy, and I mentioned a couple of medical problems for which I get treatment (one included an essential tremor…propranolol for the rescue!).  Eventually, though he sold me on the idea of going for it.  “What could it hurt to try….”