Month: March 2018

What you need to know: Vanguard financial advisors

It’s the biggest mutual fund company in existence now known for their (passive management) index funds. You guessed it.  Vanguard. Yet, Vanguard is now recommending financial advisors…  Why does Vanguard recommend financial advisors?  Are they worth it? Let’s take a look.

My “Why” is also my best return on investment

This investment has provided the highest return on investment and biggest annual interest growth.  It is what keeps me in the market and sticking to the plan.  In fact, it is my “why” behind much of the plan in the first place. What is your why? Come read about mine.

Financial Mistakes: It (mis)takes one to know one!

Financial Mistakes: It (mis)takes one to know one!

We are going to discuss five financial mistakes that I have made in my life and the consequences of each mistake.  I want you to read this in a certain light, though.  The light is this: You, too, can make it to financial independence despite making stupid mistakes like me.

What You Need to Know about Refinancing Student Loans

What You Need to Know about Refinancing Student Loans

When I was in residency, residency refinancing companies did not exist. If you read part 1 of this series or are considering private refinancing options, then this post will help you pick the best company for you.

How does the tax bill affect me and my paycheck?

The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act took changed my most recent paycheck.  The increase was substantial.  I had previously made the calculations to determine how much it ought to increase my paycheck, but was eager to see what the number would actually be.  Today we will answer the question of “how does the tax bill affect me?”

It’s (not) all about the Benjamins: Remember Why

The more and the faster you get into the market, the more that magical compound interest will do for you.  I am a proponent of this theory.  Yet, what I want to focus on today is “not leaving memories on the table.”  It’s not all about the Benjamins. . 

The Four W’s of PSLF: Student Loan Refinacing Part 1

Don’t we all remember the most important money saving tip?  You know.  If you just brew your coffee (or tea) at home while you are a medical student and resident instead of going to Starbucks, you could save thousands of dollars on your medical school debt. We’ve got some talking to do: Student Loans Part 1.