Guest Post Policy

I frequently get emails that ask if I do guest posts on the site.  The answer is yes, but there are some key components to helping make that a reality for you.  These are outlined below in the guest post policy.

The Physician Philosopher™ has over ~3,000 email subscribers; 4,000 twitter followers; and has reached over 60,000 monthly page views.  My audience tends to be medical students, residents, fellows, and early career medical professionals.

If you want to reach this audience, the best way to do that is by writing a guest post.  Here are the criteria for getting one accepted:

  • Must be more than 1,000 words
  • Must follow a similar outline to my prior content.
  • The guest post cannot have a link to a proprietary site or some other product that I cannot recommend (e.g. FOREX investing, bitcoin sites, or sites that link to actively managed financial products).
  • It is nice when the guest poster has already developed a relationship with me.  Take a trip around the site.  Leave some comments.
  • The content must be pertinent to my message (the “why” behind money and utilizing financial independence tools to prevent and treat burnout).

Topic Ideas

The topics on this site target the audience mentioned above.  Broadly, I write about two topics: physician finance and wellness.  There is a variety of ideas within this realm to write about, but for those looking, here are some ideas:

  • Strategies to cut down on burnout at work.
  • How your journey to financial independence has impacted your work satisfaction.
  • Keys to work-life balance.
  • How you use financial independence to combat burnout.
  • What you wish you had known when you were in training or just starting out in medicine.
  • Tips and tricks to dealing with student loans.
  • Successes (or failures!) that you have had along the journey to financial independence.

Consider Sponsoring the Site:

If you are looking for other ways to get in front of my audience, you might consider applying to become a sponsor on the site.  The criteria are strict, but people know that those who make it are worth their time.

If you are interested in writing a guest post, please email me at editor(at)thephysicianphilosopher(dot)com.  I am usually pretty quick to respond.  If you don’t hear from me after 48 hours, bug me.  I never mind reminders.

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