Physician Finance Interview #2

Physician Finance Interview #2

In today’s interview we dive into the finances of a recently graduated (two years out) hospitalist in Northern California. Married with no kids and in a high cost of living area, come take a walk in this doc’s shoes. This is a great example of what this interview series will look like going forward, and I bet there is quite a bit you can learn from this doctor’s example!

5 Attributes that Make You An Easy Financial Target

Financial Target

Today’s post hopes to answer the following question: As doctors, why do we have a target painted on our back by financial professionals? Let’s talk about five targets that doctors provide.  Hopefully, through this discussion, you will be more aware of how and why people aim to steal a part of the pie that is rightly yours.

5 Money Myths That Explain Why Doctors Are Bad With Money

bad with money

There are a lot of reasons why doctors make financial mistakes.  Many of them – that I am going to spend some time disproving today – were caused by lies, myths, and otherwise untrue statements that are told to us.  Today we will dispel four lies about money that are told to physicians, which prevent them from making the right choices.

Physician Finance Interview # 1

Physician Finance

Today’s post is the first of what will be many Physician Finance Interviews where we ask doctors (and/or their significant others) questions about the debts, assets, and personal finance decisions. Come read about the successes, failures, and advice from other people who have walked in your shoes.

When is the right time to buy the next house?

when is the right time to buy the next house?

Our networth exploded this year because we have been living on 20% of our income, which was only possible because we didn’t buy a house.  In fact, the more that I think about it, the more I realize that buying a house after residency is likely the number one reason physicians take so long to reach financial independence, if they reach it at all. Today’s post discusses our thought process.

Should I Tithe or Should I Build Wealth?

should i tithe?

It’s a topic not often discussed on personal finance websites geared towards teaching you how to build wealth, but its important: tithing and giving to charitable causes. Whether you are religious or not, this is an important topic to consider. Come dive in today’s post and leave a comment.