Month: May 2018

The Power of Saying No: What Barry Sanders Taught Me

When my residency program asked me to help with a problem in the residency and didn’t value my time, I realized the power of saying no. Come join the conversation as I get real with what determines my self-worth, Barry Sanders, saying no, and how I’ll end my career after reaching FI.

Sizzlin’ or Fizzlin’? Learning how to live in the moment

Moments like this have a way of waking us up from our daily routine.  The daily hustle we all perform everyday can make our mind numb.  We just start going through the actions.  As Americans, we have a hard time learning to live in the moment. Have you checked to see if you are fizzlin’ or sizzlin’ recently?

Introducing The Monthly Checkout

Introducing The Monthly Checkout

In medicine, we have to handover care to the physicians coming behind us.  At least, for those of us that do shift work that is true.  Just like we run the list to check out on the patients we are taking care of, we will run a list of articles I think you should read.  So, this will be the first of many Monthly Checkouts where I hand select articles that I really think are worth checking out to you. 

Application of The 10% Rule: Winkbeds and Swagger Wagons

hen I laid down that night to go to sleep, those animal crackers were all up in my face.  I don’t care what anyone says, what I spent my 10% Rule money on smelled terrible that first night.  This post is about spending money on Winkbeds and Swagger Wagons.

A Book Review: The Doctor’s Guide to Eliminating Debt

Little did Dr. Fawcett know, that book would lead him on a journey to pay off all of his debt in less than six years.  This led him to write a guide specific for doctor’s called The Doctor’s Guide to Eliminating Debt.  Today, I’ll review Dr. Fawcett’s book and tell you if I think it’s worth the read.

Welcome WCI Readers–>Fellowship: Worth the Return on Investment?

Today’s post can be found on White Coat Investor where I discuss Fellowship Opportunity Cost. In other words, how much does it cost you (debt, investments, and otherwise) to pursue a fellowship. I even include a calculator to help you figure it out! Let’s calculate your Fellowship Opportunity Cost today.

Using Your Investment Philosophy to Pay Off Debt Faster

When your life goals have you pinned up against the wall, it’s time to fight back. Today, I talk about how I fought back to achieve both my investment goals and my goal to destroy my debt. With a fixed timeline to get my little girl to a different school by 2019, I had to become a little more intentional about paying off debt faster.

5 Things You Need Know Before Making an Invention

5 Things You Need Know Before Making an Invention

The Physician Philosopher website is geared towards helping young medical professionals and trainees, I think it’s useful to talk about ways to supplement our incomes.   After all, this really helps us build wealth more quickly.  This is often done through side hustles such as locum tenens work, medical malpractice reviews, incentives, and even making an invention!

The day my professional identity tasted like Humble Pie

Right then, I realized I had made a big mistake by not taking a stand on this one, and not even realizing I should have… I deserved what was coming… my resident read me the riot act.  “You know that not having your professional identity recognized is one of the biggest causes of burnout, right…”