Three Ways “First, Do No Harm” Applies to Personal Finance

First, Do No Harm

Early and often we are taught to advocate for our patients and “First, Do No Harm.” What if I told you that the same principle applies to personal finance and, in particular, physician finance? It is your job to protect yourself from harm. Today we will discuss three key concepts in this arena.

How to Tell a Good Financial Advisor from the Rest

conflict of interest

In The Physician Philosopher’s Guide to Personal Finance, one of the chapters is on conflict of interest. Why?  Because conflicted financial advice is one of the biggest reasons that physicians make financial mistakes.  In the process of writing that chapter, I had the opportunity to hear a WCI podcast episode. In this episode, he interviews … Read more

Will I be able to retire? The Mice and Money Model

will i be able to retire

Mouse is a self-described husband (to a doctor), father, engineer, and finance blogger.  He builds awesome money models to predict the chances people have at successfully reaching their goals.  Today, we will see Mouse’s model for me and answer the pen-ultimate question: Will I be able to retire?

The June Monthly Checkout: June 15th, 2018

The Monthly Checkout

In medicine, we have to handover care to the medical providers coming behind us.  Just like we run the list to “check out” on the patients we are taking care of, we will run a list of articles I think are worth your time to read.  Today, we will discuss The June Monthly Checkout.

Residents & Fellows: Don’t Miss This Key Step Before You Graduate!

Disability Insurance

As many of you know, I had a really rough experience with an insurance salesman. I now can not get personal disability insurance because of that. Because of that, I want you to know more about it than I did. No better time to learn than right before graduation! Come take a peek.

Physician Burnout and Financial Independence: A Guest Post

Physician Burnout

This week’s “Wellness Wednesday” post has two changes.  1) It wasn’t posted on Wednesday (Tuesday!), and 2) It’s not on this site!  You’ll have to venture over to Camp FIRE finance to find the article where I discuss physician burnout, financial independence, and why you should care even if you aren’t a doctor!

Maybe You’re Not Passionate Enough? Passion Projects: Making Time

Passion Projects

Side hustles can take up a lot of time. But when your side hustles turn into passion projects, the time seems to be worth it. That doesn’t solve the problem of putting more hours into the day, though. Come tag along as we answer the question: how do you make time for passion projects?