My grandfather loved elephants. Known for intelligence, strength, persistence, and a long memory! Many of the same things you need to become a well-rounded doc!

About Who?

I am a husband. Father (of three).  A sinner. A philosopher. An author.  An inventor.  And I happen to be an anesthesiologist.

Not long ago, I started my journey as an attending physician in anesthesiology.  I completed fellowship in regional anesthesiology (peripheral nerve blocks, thoracic epidurals, acute pain, etc).   This journey has provided many surprises, ups & downs, and twists & turns.

The What?

Along the way, I was constantly seeking words of wisdom as I didn’t know many people who had taken the same journey, certainly not in my family.  This led me to internet forums and blogging sites for specific needs.

This led me to realize that I visited a lot of different places for information specific to physicians and led me to want to do something of my own that incorporated a little bit of everything I think may be needed to be a well rounded health care provider.

Ultimately, I want to help people figure out how to obtain their wealth without forgetting the “why,” which is to obtain a life well lived (i.e. wellness)!

You can read more about my posting schedule here.

The Purpose?

The purpose of this site will be to accomplish four things:

  1. Document my journey in my accumulation of wealth and my destroying of debt.
  2. Give advice that I wish I had received along the way.
  3. Discuss the ethics and passions of physicians and the important topics that lie therein (physician burnout, compassion fatigue, suicide, etc).
  4. To describe the journey of becoming a physician and the people that come along with you on that journey (significant others, children, colleagues, peers, etc).

Those that know me in real life know that I am a straight-shooter.  My hope is that people reading this website will receive advice, help, and some camaraderie that they may be lacking.