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MMM #37: Why It’s Okay to Live Like an Attending

When doctor’s become financially literate and keep hearing “live like a resident,” it can be hard to transfer out of that mindset. Learning to loosen the purse strings and enjoy the money you have can take a bit of practice. It’s good to learn how to spend a little bit of money. Keep reading and you’ll learn how to live like the attending physician you are!

What You’ll Learn:

In today’s episode of Money Meets Medicine, “Why It’s Okay to Live Like An Attending,”  you’re going to learn how to enjoy the money you make and…

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  • How to break the habit of keeping your purse strings tight.
  • The tips and tricks to make sure you don’t go overboard spending.
  • Why you should never beat yourself up over any mistakes!
  • How to “dial” your money to suit your needs.
  • And more!

Quotes to Remember

“Anything in extremes is bad. So you go from being an ostrich to being financially woke, trying to figure it out, go, “Oh no. Oh no, I’m not spending any money.””

“Once you become financially literate and you realize that money’s pretty simple… …you start looking at everything that you spend money on with this different perspective. And that different perspective actually leads people to have a hard time spending money.”

“The ends will not justify the means if the means mean that you are eating ramen and not doing anything fun or taking trips or spending money in any way that provides you enjoyment or satisfaction today in order to get to that goal.”

“As long as you’re accomplishing your goals, as long as you are saving first towards your annual goals that you have… …as long as you are accomplishing your goals, the rest is just gravy.”

Resources from the Episode:

Why Every Physician Needs a Budget and How to Create One Worth Following 

Make Spending Money Music to Your Ears: Spending Equalizer

The Fear of Spending Money 

Avoiding Buyers Remorse with Intentional Spending 

Money Dials: Analyzing Your Spending Habits with Ramit Sethi 

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  1. PrudentPlasticSurgeon

    Great message! I’ve certainly struggled with this. What helps me is having a plan that I know will lead to my goals. Then I know as long as I am following that, I can stop and enjoy the roses. Like many of us, I have an overachieving type of personality and often feel like I need to “beat” our budget by saving more etc. However this can lead to a different form of financial burn out.


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