As part of the wellness initiatives on this site, TPP will give back 25% of our profit to organizations that promote wellness both inside and outside of the medical community.  This is our charitable giving initiative.

If you have any suggestions for specific organizations that deserve particular attention, feel free to email me at editor (at) thephysicianphilosopher (dot) com or leave a comment below!

Charitable Giving

Playing with FIRE: The Documentary Kickstarter – This may sound like a strange “charity,” but getting the word out financial independence is important.  We have options, and the main-stream should know that.

The Financial Literacy and Resiliency Education (FLARE) personal finance curriculum at Wake Forest.

Collegiate Ministry at Winston Salem State University.

5 thoughts on “Charitable Giving”

  1. Great idea on the keeping a list as you donate and the site grows. I haven’t monetized yet but would if I knew I could make a meaningful amount to donate. Do you have any financial reports you plan to post? I’m curious about how much you make/donate with a young blog (like mine too).

    • Let me check my amazon associates account really quick….

      I’ve made $2.34…. And I have expenses well beyond this. So, actually no profit yet 🙂 Still a work in progress.

      I haven’t heavily monetized my site, yet. I plan on getting sponsorships and doing some (non-annoying) advertisements at some point, but the good advertisers require 25,000 sessions per month. I am not there yet, but hope to be by the end of this calendar year.


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