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MMM #36: Ways to Take Money Out Before Age 59.5

Are you planning on retiring early? What do you do with all of those retirement investments? How can you avoid all of the annoying penalties and fees? We share all of the secrets on how to take the money out of your accounts before age 59.5. Keep on reading to find out!

What You’ll Learn:

In this episode of Money Meets Medicine, “Ways to Take Money Out Before Age 59.5,” you’re going to learn…

  • How to get money out of your 401k before the time.
  • How to avoid all of those annoying penalties.
  • What to do with all of your different retirement accounts?
  • And more!

Resources from the Episode:

6.5 Ways to Overcome The Early Retirement Gap to Age 59.5

Access 401K Before 59.5

This Episode’s Sponsor

Instead of a sponsor for this episode, we thought we would make sure you know about our other shows.  So, if you can’t get enough of Ryan you can head over to Financial Residency where he goes more into financial topics and, if you enjoy Jimmy’s take on things, you can check out his new podcast on coaching for doctors, which is aptly named The Physician Philosopher podcast where I provide an uncurated and unapologetic look into physician life so that you can build the life you deserve. One Thought at a Time.  So, check out Financial Residency and The Physician Philosopher podcasts in your favorite podcast player.

Listener Question of the Week:

Today’s listener question comes from Dr. Astle:

“My wife just graduated from PA school last month and just started a job that will pay between $157,000 and $210,000 based on RVU. I am a dental student still and thus have no income. Suddenly we are going from the lowest tax bracket to about 22%. I know the Roth limit is about $206k for a married couple, but if she passes that 206k and reaches 210k, are we still eligible to contribute directly to Roth IRAs since our current tax filing still has us in the lowest bracket? Or will we still need to do backdoor Roth?”

Each episode, we are going to start including listener questions as they are provided to us.  So, if you have a specific question you’d like answered on the podcast reach out to us!  Email [email protected] or [email protected]


1 Comment

  1. Karen

    There is another way to get money out of retirement accounts before 59 1/2. If you retire from a company after age 55, you can access your 401K or 403B accounts from that organization. Not helpful at age 50, but still might help some people.
    Also an update from a prior podcast when you guys mentioned the Mayo Clinic physician salary cut due to COVID: The clinic just announced they are paying back the amount cut and making us whole. Also they have reinstated 403B match for the year. I hope other companies are able to do the same.


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