The Great Divorce: The bank, the bedroom, and raising children

Today we discuss some sage advice that I was given before I got married on three of the biggest causes of divorce. A touchy subject to be sure, but one that influences both your wealth and wellness more than just about anything. Come join the conversation as we discuss a tough topic.

A Doctor’s Life: Ready, Rinse, Repeat

As I wash my hands right after I hang up the phone, the overhead call rang out:  “Attention.  Your attention, please. A Level 1 trauma code has been activated in the adult emergency department.”  It was a gun shot wound to the right chest.  I rinse my hands off, and head down to the ED… just another night in A Doctor’s Life.  Ready. Rinse. Repeat.

TPP Blogging Manifesto-Part 2

If you made it through Part 1 (My background), congratulations. 

That was probably not what you expected to read, but I bet the rest of this post will be.  FIRE bloggers have been charged to come clean, and so here it goes! The TPP Blogging Manifesto.  Part 2: Coming clean.

TPP Blogging Manifesto: Part 1 My Background

In recent news, FIRE bloggers have been charged with creating a manifesto to describe their background and means for financial independence and early retirement. In Part 1 of the TPP Blogging Manifesto, I plan to lay out exactly what my financial beginnings looked like. Come step inside my head a bit & get to know me.

What if your Financial Goals don’t agree with your Life Goals?

The sister of one of my best friends went off the deep end in college.  We will call her Trinity. She got caught up in the wrong crowd, made some bad decisions, and ended up dropping out of college.  The direction that Trinity ended up going was really distressing to her parents.  The crazy part?  They blamed it on the college that she attended.  This is a lesson in making sure our life goals play nice with our financial goals.

The Stretch IRA. The Best Inheritance

The Stretch IRA. The Best Inheritance

The Stretch IRA is the gift that keeps on giving. It provides a wonderful way to leave an inheritance and has particular benefits not seen by other kinds of inheritance money. Perhaps there is a reason why “Roth money should be touched last” in retirement.

Three Lessons the Dalai Lama taught the Doctor

Three Lessons the Dalai Lama taught the Doctor

As health care providers, we often feel like we have it all figured out. Yet, we get stuck in the rut and routine of our daily lives. Instead, we miss the present. The Dalai Lama is here to teach us what we are missing in three lessons from the Dalai Lama for the doctor and other health care workers.

My “Why” is also my best return on investment

This investment has provided the highest return on investment and biggest annual interest growth.  It is what keeps me in the market and sticking to the plan.  In fact, it is my “why” behind much of the plan in the first place. What is your why? Come read about mine.

It’s (not) all about the Benjamins: Remember Why

The more and the faster you get into the market, the more that magical compound interest will do for you.  I am a proponent of this theory.  Yet, what I want to focus on today is “not leaving memories on the table.”  It’s not all about the Benjamins. . 

A new golden rule? The Doctrine of Charity

Charity is defined as “the voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need.” While charity via giving money is a good thing (and one we encourage!) it is not the only form of charity. Charity can be given through a variety of mechanisms to “those in need.” One way is through the Doctrine of Charity.