How to Determine Your Savings Rate: Spend Save Ratio

savings rate

This is a guest post written by Dr. John Lim who is a well-known author in the personal finance world. He often writes for the Humble Dollar and has submitted guest posts to multiple WCI Network partners. Dr. Lim is in the process of creating a personal finance curriculum for his residents in Reno, NV. … Read more

Best Time to Buy a Car & 8 Other Steps to Get the Best Deal

How to get the best deal on a new car

I still loved driving my Chevy SS.  The roar of the naturally aspirated V-8 as I churned through the gears on my manual transmission was intoxicating.  Yet, the lack of practicality eventually got to me.  So, I traded in my Chevy SS for a Ram 1500 and saved 25% off of the retail price in … Read more

Financial Mistakes For the Financially Literate

examples of financial mistakes

I’ve never pretended to be perfect, which is why I think it’s the right thing to do to air out some of the financial mistakes I still make today. Some are more recent than others, but the theme is the same. I struggle with financial discipline and decisions just as much as you. Read on to hear about some of my dirty financial laundry.

Adrian Peterson’s Money Problems: 5 Lessons

Adrian Peterson Money Problems

Adrian Peterson (AP) made news lately. And it’s not because he is breaking records. In fact, he is breaking in a completely different way. The news that “broke” is that AP is, well, broke. Despite being one of the most prolific running backs to ever play the game, Adrian Peterson’s money problems are impressive. The … Read more