Financial Mistakes For the Financially Literate

examples of financial mistakes

I’ve never pretended to be perfect, which is why I think it’s the right thing to do to air out some of the financial mistakes I still make today. Some are more recent than others, but the theme is the same. I struggle with financial discipline and decisions just as much as you. Read on to hear about some of my dirty financial laundry.

My Life After FI: Lessons from Mariokart

Life after FI

The realization hit me the other day while reading the book A Doctor’s Guide to Eliminating Debt.  At the end, the book poses a great question:  “What are you retiring to?”  It talks about the finish line.   So, I’d like to discuss five things that I’ll do much more often when I cross my financial independence (FI) number, or life after financial independence.

Why I Don’t Focus on FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early)

Why I don't focus on FIRE

A therapeutic index is a marker of a drug’s safety profile.  The narrower the therapeutic index the harder it is for a drug to have its intended effect without having a serious consequence.  For example, Warfarin – an anti-coagulant used for atrial fibrillation – has a very narrow therapeutic index.  Not enough warfarin, and it … Read more

Flash FIRE warning: The Dangers of Sharing Financial Independence

Financial Independence Retire Early

Fire is a passionate and unforgiving substance.  It keeps you warm, heats your meals, and provides light in the dark.  When wielded carefully, it is a force to be used for good.  Financial FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) is no different. We all remember what it was like when that FIRE lit up the dark … Read more