High Yield Posts for Residents

This page is dedicated to my resident physician colleagues.  Here is where I leave all of the High Yield Posts for Residents that are intrinsic to your every day life.  Much of this includes posts that answer questions that I wish I knew how to ask back then, and the answers attached.

Spend some time here and save yourself from making mistakes that could have been avoidable.

Resident Series

This is an ongoing series of posts directed specifically at residents and answering tough questions that you might want (or need) to ask.

Resident Series: Investing Money in Residency Ever wonder if you should invest money during residency?  Come find out here.

Proof is in the Pudding: Live like a Resident (Series) Many people often wonder why you should live like a resident during and particularly after residency.  This post shows you the cold hard math to answer the question for you.

Why you should minimize debt in training: Resident Series It ain’t just a drop in the bucket, trust me.  And, if you don’t, come read this post and argue about it in the comments.

Should I pursue fellowship?  A look at the Return on Investment  For risk of sending you to another website, I wrote a lengthy post about calculating how much a fellowship will cost you and whether you can make that money back or not.

Paying Caeser: Getting the Most Out of Your Paycheck (W-4 calculator, tax refund, and much more) I know this may seem counter-intuitive… but getting a tax refund is not a good thing.  That’s an interest free loan to Uncle Sam.  You could have been using that the whole year.  Come find out how to prevent that and increase your monthly take home pay.

Residents & Fellows: Don’t miss this Key Step before Graduation.  Come follow along in a guest post from Chris (The Disability Doc) as he discusses disability insurance and the need for asset protection before you finish training.

Physician Identity

This may be the most important message that I write for you guys.  Knowing who you are outside of of medicine couldn’t be more important.

Physician Suicide: A real dilemma  This is a dark subject, but one that we can’t ignore.  The rate of depression and burnout in our resident physician population is unacceptable.  Please, read this post to help you and your friends when they need it most.

Physician, Know Thyself: A Self-Identity Crisis Come read a true story that I experienced as a medical student when I had a friend who got kicked out of medical school. It gets dark, but its probably one of the most important pieces that I’ve written.

The day my professional identity tasted like Humble Pie  This was about the day when one of my residents served me humble pie…  He was right, I was wrong.  Plain and simple.

Compassion Fatigue: An absence of Hesed?  Come read about burnout and compassion fatigue.  Are you currently suffering from it? What is it and why does it matter?

Mistakes and Pitfalls to Avoid

5 Attributes That Make You a Financial Target You need to learn early and often that the financial industry views you as a target.  They are a lion and you are a gazelle running through the fields.

Wasting Your Money on Conflicted Financial Advice:  Come take a journey with me as I explore the massive conflicts of interest that exist in the financial advising world.  We will discuss who to get your advice from and – specifically –  who and what to avoid. One of my must reads.

Financial Mistakes: It (mis)takes one to know one! Come read about five of my biggest financial mistakes so far.  This will give you some hope that you can do it, too, even if you didn’t start out on the right foot.

Disability Insurance:What I wish I had Known I made a mistake at the end of my fourth year of medical school when I applied for disability insurance and was denied.  This has prevented me to this day from having private DI… don’t make the same mistake.  Read the post.

Imposter Syndrome, Duning-Kruger Effect, and Attending Land Mines  One of the most important attributes of any physician (and particularly resident physicians) is humility.  Come learn about the duning-kruger effect and how to avoid attending physician land mines.

Student Loan Refinancing

You may not know, but residency refinancing loan programs exist now.  They may not be the best option for you, though, which is why I’ve written some posts on the topic.  I’ve also made a five day email course on making a Debt Destroyer plan for your Student Loans.

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The REPAYE Loop Hole and 4 REPAYE Hacks Want to learn more about the best student loan option (REPAYE) for the vast majority of residents?  How about some loopholes and hacks you won’t find anywhere else?

The Four W’s of PSLF: Student Loan Refinacing Part 1  Part 1 of the two part series should be read first for a reason.  It’s part 1…

The Four W’s of Private Refinancing: Part 2  Here is where we discuss private refinancing options and what are available to you.  Remember, read part 1 first.


Two Ways to Minimize Childcare Costs Kids are expensive.  Kids are really expensive in training.  Make sure you are taking advantage of the opportunities that are provided to you to minimize the cost.

To be continued…

More posts will be added to this High Yield Posts for Residents page as the site grows, but I wanted a place that resident physicians could go and quickly find the content that matters most for them.

As always, give me a shout if there are particular topics you’d like me to research and cover for you.  I put in the hard work so that you don’t have to!


Updated: 12/8/18