High Yield Posts for Attending Physicians

This is the place to find high yield posts for attending physicians and other practicing medical professionals. In particular, this is really helpful for medical professionals that have started their practice in the last 5-10 years. The post content is broken up into a few different sections.

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Attending Financial Series

Practical Investing Advice: The Pareto Principle:  This post spurred the idea that will eventually become a book.  It’s solid advice and what I recommend to my readers.  Learn the 20% of personal finance that you need to know to get 80% of the results.

How do I invest my paycheck? Attending Series This is a post that walks you through the step by step process of how to invest your money as an attending physician.  It also gives you the order in which you should do this.  Fundamental stuff, here.

Paying Off Your Debt Or Investing: The Next Move This is a case series on the most common question that I get: Should I invest more money or pay off my debt?  Everyone’s situation is different. Come check out this case scenario to see what you think.

Using Your Investment Philosophy to Pay Off Debt Faster  I often get asked whether people should invest via a roth or standard (pre-tax) method into their 401K/403B.  If you are aggressively paying off debt as an attending, there is an answer to this question.  This post explains it.

Pre-Tax versus ROTH for 403(b)/401(k) If you are NOT paying off debt, I’d encourage you to read this post so that you can consider the merits of Roth money.  It definitely has some upside to it!

Should I invest in my 457? The What, Why, and When 457s are complicated.  This post will help explain the in’s and out’s and whether you should use your 457 or not.

How does the tax bill affect me and my paycheck? The new tax law has major impacts on your take home pay if you are an attending physician.  This includes the brackets and the alternative minimum tax.  Come check it out.

FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early) Topics

A Tale of Two Doctors: This epic post takes you down two paths.  One is the path of Dr. Efi (Early Financial Independence); the other is the path of Dr. Jones.  Come see why it is so important to make the right decisions early on after training.

6.5 Ways to Overcome The Early Retirement Gap to Age 59.5 If you want to retire early, then you need to figure out how to cover the years til you have access to your 401K/403B.  This post will help you figure that out.

How to access 401K early (before 59.5; avoid 10% penalty) A little bit more of the same as above, but it’s important to avoid that 10% penalty if you are going to FIRE.  Here are your options while playing within the 401K rules.

The Ten Philosophies Series

I’ll highlight two of the most important posts from this series that focused on making sure we set ourselves up for financial success:

The First Philosophy: The 10% Rule  This one is huge.  What do you do when you finish training and your paycheck goes up by 3, 4, 5, or 10 times what it was as a resident?  You use the 10% rule to make sure you enjoy life and obtain your financial goals.

The Fifth Philosophy: How to Slay a Bear Market  You absolutely MUST stick with the plan.  This means that you have to figure out how to stay in the market when the market goes down.  Come find out how to slay a bear market!

Physician Identity and Wellness

The Road To Burnout Helped Me Find My Purpose If you want to read a post that explains why I combine wealth & wellness on this site, look no further.

What Causes Physician Burnout: The Medscape Survey This post contains some really good information and explains why poor financial literacy simply compounds the problems of burnout.

Physician, Know Thyself: A Self-Identity Crisis This is possibly the most important post I’ve written.  You are so much more than a doctor. Remember that.  Come read about what happens when you being a doctor becomes the “end all be all.”

Physician Burnout and Financial Independence Follow the link to my guest post where I discuss the depths of physician burnout. The impact is massive. Come read about what you can control to cure physician burnout.  It’s worth the read, I promise.

Physician Burnout: You Aren’t Alone The discussion on physician burnout and the extents of its impact continues. There is a reason this site focuses on wellness, and that’s because this is an issue. Plain and simple.

Physician Suicide: A real dilemma Burnout is bad enough.  Unfortunately, we have one of the highest rates of suicide of any profession (maybe the highest?).  You aren’t alone.  Come get some help and learn how to help your colleagues, too.

Time is Money, but Money Can’t Buy Time:  This is an important post, particularly for those of you who’s income is driven by volume or by shift work.  We have to keep the right perspective on the main commodity of life: time.  We can’t let money run us into the ground.

An Open Letter to My Wife If you are the main flag bearer for finances in your marriage, read this letter.  Then, go write one of your own.

Mistakes and Pitfalls to Avoid

Flash FIRE Warning: When FIRE Chasers Become FIRE Fighters: As an attending physician, you need to be careful who you talk about FIRE around. Otherwise you might get burned. This post will help you figure out who to be careful with.

Financial Mistakes: It (mis)takes one to know one! Come get some encouragement by reading about five of the financial mistakes that I’ve made.  I am going to make it and so will you!

Wasting Your Money on Conflicted Financial Advice:  Don’t fall into the trap of being like a deer running through the forest with a target on your back.  Come read this post and figure out who you should be getting advice from when it comes to finances – and who you shouldn’t.

Student Loan Topics

Can I trust PSLF and What to Do if you Don’t If you are anticipating using PSLF, but don’t trust the government to own up on their promise to forgive your debt, then this it the post for you.  Let me help you figure it out.

The Four W’s of Private Refinancing: Part 2 If you aren’t pursuing PSLF, what are your options and how do you separate all of the different companies?  I’ll help you solve the problem.


Two tax-efficient ways to minimize childcare costs Kids cost money! So, you better spend some time researching the best ways to get some of it back.

Will the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) Impact Me? The AMT used to hound many physicians who would find out after filing taxes that they had the great honor of paying even more than they previously thought. With the changes to the new tax system, how was the AMT changed? Fortunately, this post provides mostly good news!

More to come…

As this site grows, I’ll add more essential posts to this page to help you along the way!  As always, if there is a particular topic you want covered, just shoot me an email!

Updated: 12/8/18