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TPP #27: Getting Clear on Your “Why”

The psychology behind our relationship with money is so interesting. How we view money can make or break our finances.

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It’s so easy to look at money and feel like we’ll never have enough or that we aren’t able to make the money we need to get where we want to go. People can have a negative number in their bank accounts or even a million dollars and they can both have those exact same thoughts.

Did you know our relationship with money is actually all about mindset? If we don’t think we’ll ever have enough money, then we won’t, no matter how big the number in the bank account gets.

Keep listening to learn how you can change that money mindset and learn how to have a healthy relationship with your money!

Today You’ll Learn

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  • Why your money mindset can change your finances for better or for worse.
  • How to escape that negative money mindset (without changing the number in your bank account).
  • How to view money as a tool that will get you where you need to be.
  • And more!

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