The Monthly Checkout: July 2019

By Jimmy Turner, MD
The Physician Philosopher

Every month, I like to highlight some noteworthy posts that I’ve found.  I pass them along to you so that you can enjoy them, too. The posts will involve topics that are often covered on this blog including personal financeinvestingphysician burnout, and paying down debt.

We then end with an update on the happenings in my life and the blog. So, read all the way to the bottom to hear the exciting news about The Physician Philosopher!

Welcome to The Monthly Checkout for July 2019!

Physician Contract Reviews


Recent TPP Podcasts

I’ve stepped into the podcasting realm a little bit more lately.  The topics are wide ranging from discussing The Physician Philosopher’s Guide to Personal Finance – the book I published in February – to imposter syndrome, financial independence, and more.

Here are the three most recent podcasts I’ve been featured on:

Physician’s Guide to Doctoring Podcast: The Physician Philosopher’s Guide to Personal Finance


You can even find a video version of that last podcast, if you are interested in seeing just how crooked my nose is (true story). The video showing the conversation between Justin Harvey and me can be found here.

Regret Minimization Framework

More and more lately, I’ve been working towards making decisions that reflect my family’s values. This often means making decisions that minimize the regret I’ll have later in life. And that’s exactly why I found Zack’s post over on Four Pillar Freedom so refreshing as he discussed how to make tough life decisions:

Student Loans and Women Physicians

Speaking of minimizing regrets, paying off student loans is rarely something people regret. And the student loan crisis has made quite a few headlines lately. However, very few of those headlines have focused on how this crisis specifically impacts our women physicians.

Don’t worry, Dr. D over at The Frugal Physician is tackling this tough problem. Tag along as she discusses the gender pay gap, what women physicians can do about the problem, and how dealing with debt empowers people to speak up for themselves and their patients!

The Frugal Physician

Mission Work a Cure for Burnout?

The White Coat Investor Network has been taking some time to give back recently. The need is great, and the ability of physicians to help on the medical mission field is profound.

Not only do the people who you help benefit, but there can be a profound impact on your life as well. It puts things in perspective, and White Coat Investor argues that it may even be a cure for burnout:


Defeat Taxes, Too

Another way to defeat burnout is to defeat taxes, too! And in one epic post, Physician on FIRE discusses the merits of a taxable account and how you can keep your tax bill close to zero in retirement despite taking out a six figure amount of money to spend.

Don’t believe me? Let POF teach you how a taxable account can be as good (or better) as a Roth IRA.

Is Physician Compensation in the Cross-Hairs?

I read an article recently from New York Magazine that wrongly portrayed many of the problems in medicine. This included the aim the article took on how much physicians get paid. I hate linking to an article that needs little attention, but here it is in all its (infamous) glory.

Yet, Doc G over at DiverseFI said this would happen. He told us that physician compensation may be on the chopping block. And he wants you to be ready for it in his post The Buck Stops Here.

Work Less Now or Work Less Later?

Speaking of where the buck stops, when will you stop? Or at least slow down? Many people picture the ideal life later in life once they’ve “made it”. Are these people missing out on some of the best times of their life right now?

Passive Income MD helps us try and answer this question – and many more – when he asks if you want to work less now or work less later

Update on The Physician Philosopher’s Audible Book!

Please, make sure to check out the blog posts and podcasts featured above! Creating good content takes a lot of work.

The blog has been steadily growing. I never imagined that this many people would be interested in what I have to say. And I need to thank all of you, the readers, for that!

Something else that has been doing quite well is The Physician Philosopher’s Guide to Personal Finance. I’ve heard from many people that this book has opened their eyes. A lot of people have purchased the book as a graduation present for their medical student or resident friends. Others have even purchased it for family members to help them understand the plight of the physician finance problem.

The book is currently available in both Kindle and Paperback format. However, I’ve heard from a lot of people that they would be more likely to consume the book if they could only listen to it!

You asked. And I’ve listened.

I am currently in the process of creating an Audible version of the book, which I anticipate will be coming out in the next two to four weeks. If you want to know exactly when it comes out, make sure to subscribe to the blog below!

What do you think of this month’s featured posts? Are there any other I should have mentioned that I didn’t? Are you excited about the Audible book? Leave a comment below.



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