The July Monthly Checkout: 2018

By Jimmy Turner, MD
The Physician Philosopher

We are starting a new interview series here on the Physician Philosopher.  It will be called “The Physician Finance Interview” series.  We will send interview questions to those interested in participating where we will discuss their financial plans as they relate to student loans, retirement/investments, building wealth, and major financial goals.  All interviews will be anonymous – unless the person being interviewed doesn’t want this.

Let me know if you are interested in taking part in this interview series.  My hope is that it will serve as a help and motivation to others that are in similar situations.  You may even get a little advice from my readership on what you could be doing differently!  Shoot me an email to take part–> editor(at)thephysicianphilosopher(dot)com .

The July Monthly Checkout

Now onto what you are looking for.  Each month I highlight some posts from other sites that I thought were particularly helpful reads.  By way of curating the internet for these articles, I hope to save you some time in having to do so yourself.

With each post mentioned below I’ll first mention the author’s twitter handle so that you can follow them for new content and then the article link will take you directly to the article itself.

Here we go:

A Guest Post at Physician on Fire

The first post to checkout is a guest post written on Physician on Fire.  This post is written from the perspective of a father with his financial ducks in a row. He wants to make sure the same happens for his son who is graduating and leaving the house.

Even if you aren’t 18, the advice given in this post is golden and entitled What I Wish I’d Known at 18: Money Advice For a Graduating Senior.

How safe is the 4% Rule?

Big ERN over at Early Retirement Now (twitter handle) has this awesome series on Safe Withdrawal Rates (SWR), which is the percentage of your retirement nest egg you can safely take out without having to worry about the money being depleted completely.

My favorite post in this series so far came in June. If you are reading this site, you’ve likely heard of the Trinity Study and the 4% Rule.  Well, Big ERN is here to tell you Ten things the “Makers” of the 4% Rule don’t want you to know.

It’s an awesome read and the airplane analogy is my favorite part!

What characteristics make you successful?

Hatton MD over at Doctor of Finance MD (twitter handle) has a website focused on retirement and tackling the financial topics therein.

In today’s highlighted post from June, she discusses the necessary characteristics to successful physicians.  They are luck, hard work, and habits.  I won’t steal her thunder, though.  Go check out the post for a solid perspective: Financial Success…Physician Characteristics.

Ten Questions to Find Your Purpose

Half Life Theory (twitter handle) introduced some philosophy of their own the other day as they intrdocuced us to the Ten Questions that can really help you figure out this thing called life.

Let this post help you put things in perspective and determine if a change in direction is necessary in your life.  Really insightful stuff in HLT’s post on Answer These 10 Questions to Discover Your Life’s Purpose.

Reflections from a Burnt Out Doctor

Reflections of a Millennial Doctor (twitter handle) is an awesome up and coming physician blog with a wellness bent – written by a doctor who has struggled through burnout.

Come check out Saying Goodbye Is the Hardest Part as she writes about the transition she faced in  leaving a patient that had a profound impact on her. It is often easy to focus on the bad patient interactions we have. However, it really does the soul some good to focus on the good ones every now and then.

Please, go read these awesome articles.
They are well worth your time. Let me know what you think!



  1. hatton1

    Thanks for featuring one of my articles. I love the collaborative nature of physician financial blogs.

  2. hatton1

    I thought I left a thank you comment. So thank you for featuring one of my posts.

  3. Xrayvsn

    Nice work TPP. Sounds like you have some creative ideas in the works. I’m partnering with someone too and hopefully it has wings on my blog (not sure when I get to introduce it yet as still ironing out the details).

    • ThePhysicianPhilosopher

      Sounds great, Xrayvsn. Let me know when you reveal it so that I can help promote it.


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