The Monthly Checkout of August 2018

By Jimmy Turner, MD
The Physician Philosopher

As we do each month, this is The Monthly Checkout of August. Stop making excuses and keep reading.  I’ve done the hard work to find this stuff so that you can do the enjoyable part: reading it. I can honestly promise that each of the following are worth your time. Before we get to the checkout posts, here are this month’s most popular posts from The Physician Philosopher, if you didn’t get a chance to read them: So, You Want To Be a Medical Expert: Part 2 Should I Tithe Or Build Wealth How I Used The 10% Rule To Increase Our Net Worth $250,000 in One Year 4 Lies About Money That Make You Poor And, of course, we started the Physician Finance Interview (PFI) Series this month.  If you are interested in taking part, shoot me an email. I’m really interested in any medical professional or spouse of medical professional (dentist, PA, physician, CRNA, etc). Maybe I should have named it the Medical Professional Finance Interview?  Nope. Too long. Here are the first three from that Physician Finance Interview (PFI) series: Physician Finance Interview (PFI) #1 PFI #2 PFI #3

Now For This Month’s Checkout Articles

Saving Lives is a Thankless Job comes from Miked-Up Blog.  As an anesthesiologist, I can completely relate to this.  Many times I’ve been part of saving lives and after my tasks were completed, the patient was stable, and I left the room….not a thank you to be heard.  While this isn’t financially related, I bet many of the readers of this site can relate to Mike’s story. While this technically comes from Physician on Fire’s site, it is actually a guest post written on that site that I want to share with you.  Many of us make goals to earn money and create a high savings rate with the hopes of reaching financial independence and retirement quickly. However, sometimes retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but Early Retirement Dude is here to tell you Early Retirement Doesn’t Have to Suck. It’s fun to read, AND it has useful information. You know it when you read it.  The gift of writing.  Well, I can tell you one blog where you will constantly see writing that should be published in a book.  If you don’t check it out today, those of you that follow much bigger sites than mine might just see it “featured” later this month.  Join along as Reflections of a Millennial Doctor walks you through What is Life When It’s No Longer Defined By Work? This post is raw, but I completely get it. Sometimes I’ve given all of my empathy that I possess at the hospital where I work. Doctoring is a tough job.  Pediatrician Finds FI wants to tell you all about it.  I bet you’ve also had times that Your Empathy Bucket Was Empty. Our last post is certainly not the least.  This is one of my favorites of the day, which is why you may see it later on other sites in September, too.  Follow along through a twisting tale as FI Introvert weaves a story of This Former Janitor Used His Crappy Job to Become A Multi-Millionaire.  Can you figure out who it is before the big reveal?

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