Step by Step Tutorial for FIRST Backdoor Roth (Vanguard)

First Backdoor Roth (Vanguard)

Many tutorials will instruct you on how to perform a Backdoor Roth Conversion However, very few of them go through a step by step process for the very first time you ever set up a Backdoor Roth IRA.  I, unfortunately, ran into several snags because of this. 

After you have maxed out your employer 403B/401K for you and your spouse and any governmental 457s, a backdoor Roth should be your next step! Read more to find out how.

Practical Investing Advice: The Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle can be stated many ways, but the idea is that 20% of the work will get you 80% of the results. Physician finance is no different. It is the job of the financial industry to make things seem complicated. However, they don’t have to be, and you can certainly do all of … Read more

Wasting Your Money on Conflicted Financial Advice

Good Financial Advisors

I am in the process of writing a book specifically for medical students, residents, and early career attending physicians. One of the chapters is on conflict of interest, because by and large this is one of the biggest reasons that physicians make massive financial mistakes after getting financial advice.  In the process of writing that … Read more

Will I be able to retire? The Mice and Money Model

will i be able to retire

Mouse is a self-described husband (to a doctor), father, engineer, and finance blogger.  He builds awesome money models to predict the chances people have at successfully reaching their goals.  Today, we will see Mouse’s model for me and answer the pen-ultimate question: Will I be able to retire?

The June Monthly Checkout: June 15th, 2018

The Monthly Checkout

In medicine, we have to handover care to the medical providers coming behind us.  Just like we run the list to “check out” on the patients we are taking care of, we will run a list of articles I think are worth your time to read.  Today, we will discuss The June Monthly Checkout.

A Tale of Two Doctors: The First Paycheck

Tale of Two Doctors

You’ve made it to your first attending pay check. Great! Now what? Is it really that important to start investing? Surely I can enjoy the big pay bump. Let this Tale of Two Doctors answer the question “What do I do with my first paycheck”? Come join Dr. Jones and Dr. EFI as they tell their tale.

Using Your Investment Philosophy to Pay Off Debt Faster

Pen and Paper

When your life goals have you pinned up against the wall, it’s time to fight back. Today, I talk about how I fought back to achieve both my investment goals and my goal to destroy my debt. With a fixed timeline to get my little girl to a different school by 2019, I had to become a little more intentional about paying off debt faster.

2nd Quarterly Net Worth Update

getting paid

I started blogging in November 2017. So, my first quarterly net worth update was six months out (or two quarters into being an attending anesthesiologist). How am I doing now? What goals have I achieved? Grab a drink, sit down, and come find out in the 2nd Quarterly Net Worth Update.

The Stretch IRA (Roth). An inheritance that keeps on giving


Many have asked me why I favor a Roth contribution instead of a standard (pre-tax) contribution in my 403B.  One of the bigger reasons is the benefit of a stretch IRA (via Roth), or a Stretch Roth IRA.  Today, we are going to dive a little more into that topic and see what it’s all about, and if its right for you.

How do I invest my paycheck? Attending Series

investing pay check

The most common question that I get (in real life and online) is the following:  “So, I am finished (or about to finish) training.  How do I invest my paycheck?”  I recognize that for many readers this question may be too basic, but I don’t want to skip it for those that are about to start their life as an attending.  Hopefully, even for those that have it all figured out, they’ll find useful information in answering the question.