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End of Year Financial Checklist for High Earners

End of Year Financial Checklist for High Earners

The end of the year can be a very busy time, which makes it easy to drop one of the many balls that are up in the air. Using this financial checklist for high income earners, your personal finances don’t have to be one of the missed items this year!

9 Practical Tips to Find Contentment

9 Practical Tips to Find Contentment

Life today can be exceptionally busy. We spend all of our time looking for contentment while the busyness often prevents our ability to find it. Here are 9 ways that I’ve found to be present in the moments that are most important.

Maybe You’re Not Passionate Enough? Passion Projects: Making Time

Side hustles can take up a lot of time. But when your side hustles turn into passion projects, the time seems to be worth it. That doesn’t solve the problem of putting more hours into the day, though. Come tag along as we answer the question: how do you make time for passion projects?

A Book Review: The Doctor’s Guide to Eliminating Debt

Little did Dr. Fawcett know, that book would lead him on a journey to pay off all of his debt in less than six years.  This led him to write a guide specific for doctor’s called The Doctor’s Guide to Eliminating Debt.  Today, I’ll review Dr. Fawcett’s book and tell you if I think it’s worth the read.

5 Things You Need Know Before Making an Invention

5 Things You Need Know Before Making an Invention

The Physician Philosopher website is geared towards helping young medical professionals and trainees, I think it’s useful to talk about ways to supplement our incomes.   After all, this really helps us build wealth more quickly.  This is often done through side hustles such as locum tenens work, medical malpractice reviews, incentives, and even making an invention!

How to access 401K early (before 59.5 & avoid 10% penalty)

He was planning to retire early at age 40 and didn’t want to have to deal with the tax implications of getting money out of a 401K/403B prior to age 59.5 years old (10% penalty!). Let’s discuss the options on how to access 401K before age 59 for those considering early retirement, and how to avoid the 10% penalty.

The Ninth Philosophy: DIY Personal Finance

I often ask people, “Do you think you are dumb enough, if you put just a little time in, to make 10 million dollars worth of mistakes?”  The point I am trying to make is that, with just a little bit of do-it-your self personal finance education, you can be your own financial advisor.  Today we will discuss exactly how to go about this!

The Seventh Philosophy: The Platonic Creed

For those of us who have “seen the light” and realized that the financial shadows that dance on the wall are created by the industrial machine that want us to believe the personal finance is too hard to do ourselves.  Once we are freed to realize that it is not as difficult as it used to seem, it is our responsibility to go back and to free the other prisoners.  This is the Seventh Philosophy:  A Responsibility to Teach