10 Milestones to Financial Independence Worth Celebrating

financial independence milestones

Some things in life are worth celebrating. We know that the road to financial independence can be long, and so we must not wait to get there before we have cause for celebration. Here are ten milestones on the financial independence journey that should make you pause, take notice, and take a moment to enjoy.

Why I Don’t Focus on FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early)

Why I don't focus on FIRE

A therapeutic index is a marker of a drug’s safety profile.  The narrower the therapeutic index the harder it is for a drug to have its intended effect without having a serious consequence.  For example, Warfarin – an anti-coagulant used for atrial fibrillation – has a very narrow therapeutic index.  Not enough warfarin, and it … Read more

Partial FIRE: The Solution to Your Problems?

Financial Independence Retire Early

There has been a lot of focus on FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early), but I am here to tell you that you can experience a lot of the benefit of FIRE before you get there. In fact, I’d argue FIRE can be detrimental to your life, and that partial FIRE could prove to be a better solution…it just might solve your problems.

How Much Money Should I Be Saving Each Year?

Annual Savings Goal

People often ask me for practical advice on getting started with investing. Given the fact that many people have just transitioned to new jobs, I thought I’d give you my approach to figuring all of this stuff out through a technique I like to call Waterfall Investing. However, before I can answer that, we must … Read more

5 Reasons to Keep Working After Financial Independence

reasons to keep working

Have you ever considered what you would do with your job if money didn’t matter? What if you were financially independent? Some would stop work immediately, while others would continue their every day routines. Here are the top 5 reasons to keep working after financial independence according to Physician on FIRE.