Why are Doctors Burning Out? And 3 Ways FI Can Save Them

FI saves burned out doctors

Burnout has been a problem looming over the practice of medicine. It has many causes. We will discuss some of those causes and how financial independence directly counteracts some of them. This post ties in exactly why I see wealth and wellness as one big picture.

How Our Annual Spending Determines Our Retirement Needs

Physician Philosopher Annual Spending

Money is a funny thing. When you first start gaining financial literacy it all seems very complicated. We assume that we need enough money to replace 70-100% of our current income in order to retire.  It turns out that’s not actually true.  It has a lot more to do with your annual spending, and – … Read more

It’s Wrong for Doctors to Retire Early

Doctors retire early

Today’s post strikes deep into the heart of the message on this site. Some people attack doctors who plan to achieve early financial independence and retire early. In fact, I’ve seen some people say that its wrong for doctors to retire early. Them is fighting words to me. Agree? Disagree? Come find out.

Partner, Parent, or Physician? A False Dilemma

work life balance

Many of us in medicine feel compelled to choose between being a good partner/parent and a good physician. Do we really have to choose, though? Are there ways financial freedom can help us find better balance? Let this post help you out. Click here to keep reading.

Partial FIRE: The Solution to Your Problems?

Financial Independence Retire Early

There has been a lot of focus on FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early), but I am here to tell you that you can experience a lot of the benefit of FIRE before you get there. In fact, I’d argue FIRE can be detrimental to your life, and that partial FIRE could prove to be a better solution…it just might solve your problems.