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Here is a running tally of websites and blogs I frequently read. They broken up into their particular focus (physician wellness, physician finance, and personal finance). I think you will enjoy them! I recommend you read one or two books per year and frequent a blog/website or two a week. This will help you keep up with what’s going on! The following are the sites I recommend.

Websites focused on Physician Wellness

The Happy Philosopher
A radiologist, HP focuses on physician wellness and discusses financial topics, too. He was kind enough to let me keep my site’s name at the beginning by letting me share the “philosopher” name.

Reflections of a Millennial Doctor
Born into an immigrant family, RMD initially ignored their calling to medical school and ventured into other forays. After coming back, going through trianing, and becoming a meds-peds doc.. RMD experienced true burnout. She blogs about these “self-inflicted” wounds and coming out on the other side. Her writing is raw, honest, and worth the read.

Nisha Mehta MD
Dr. Mehta is a radiologist who writes about physician wellness, burnout, and even physician finance. She has been featured on multiple big outlets and sites.

Physician Finance Specific Sites

Crispy Doc
Not only does Crispy Doc (who clearly writes about wellness and physician finance…get it? Crispy Doc?) write great posts, CD has also accumulated a list of all of the physician finance bloggers out there. Good stuff. If I missed any, check out this list!

Dads Making Cents: If Crispy Doc’s list wasn’t sufficient, how about checking out this one, which lists ALL of the physician finance blogs and ranks them based on Alexa rankings. Dr. Linus is an ED doc while Woodstock is an attorney. They focus on side hustles (such as real estate), increasing ROI, and making solid financial decisions that mitigate risk.

White Coat Investor:
A Great website that discusses physician specific personal finance topics. This is where our love for the topic started for many of us!

Physician on Fire
Part of the WCI network, POF takes a look at FIRE topics (Financially Independent Retire Early). He is also an anesthesia doc, and was extremely helpful and encouraging to me in setting up my site. Writes great stuff.

Passive Income MD
Also part of the WCI network, PIMD focuses his efforts on building income through passive vehicles. What turned me onto his writing was his discussion on physician side hustles, one of the posts that prompted this site’s creation.

Wall Street Physician
With experience on wall-street prior to becoming a doc, WSP writes on some of the more complicated topics in the field of personal finance. He helps provide some depth on much needed topics.

Millionaire Doc
Millionaire Doc is a private practice radiologist who has already achieved millionaire status. MD writes on topics near and dear to TPP: Building wealth and investing in life (family, friends, and health). MD posts anywhere from one to three times per week. Check ’em out!

Wealthy Doc
Wealthy doc is FI (Financially Independent) doc with a history as an MBA graduate. His posts vary in topics from life skills (de-cluttering, organizing thoughts, etc) to investment strategies. WD posts in a MWF (Monday-Wednesday-Friday) format.

DiverseFI: Personal Finance With a Twist
DocG is a doc like me. He writes about financial independence, which he has achieved. Doc G wants to shut down all the naysayers that say FIRE is not possible, and that you always need more. He comes from an interesting story and has been writing for a while, though his blog is an “up and comer” like TPP. He writes daily posts. Check ’em out.

Life of a Med Student
Making his way onto the scene through twitter with a bunch of followers, this (now attending physician-anesthesiologist) writes about life on the road of trying to make it! Originally from the perspective of someone in training, this fellow Gas Doc now writes posts ranging from satire/humor to the life of a physician.

While this is an up and coming blog, it is written by someone who has a wealth of knowledge for us young guns. Hatton1 is a frequent follower (and OBGYN now just focusing on GYN) of many physician finance websites, this one included. Never leaving without dropping an intriguing comment or sage piece of advice. I have no doubt this website will be well worth the read as it comes along!

Their Money Goals
She is a lawyer, he is a physician. At Their Money Goals, they write about a lot of various financial topics from saving to investing to paying off debt. They are in the process of destroying about a half million dollars in debt at this time. You may find yourself in that situation, and Their Money Goals is here to help!

Rogue Dad MD
Rogue Dad writes about various topics from working in academia to finance to being a dad while being a doctor. This is from a self-described “alt-brown” perspective. He posts sporadically, but they are almost always worth the read.

Miss Bonnie MD: Written by a dermatologist who writes about physician finance geared towards women. Her content is solid as is her advice. Go check the site out!

Personal Finance Blogs

ESI Money Great site. He focuses on a Earn Save Invest (ESI) mentality towards personal finance.

PT Money Written by the guy who runs FinCon (a conference for personal finance websites), you can trust the material here is solid. He also does a good job interacting with his audience despite the growing FinCon empire!

Accidental FIRE
This website is part of the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) community. Their perspective is quite unique as they looked up one day and realized that they had achieved FI, hence the title of the website. The topics vary from making frugal choices to investment and tax strategies. I really enjoy this site, and you will, too!

Adventure Rich
This is a fun blogging website that writes on living the adventure that is life. They blog on frugality, finances, and having family fun. They write about the lessons they’ve (Mr. and Mrs. Adventure Rich) along the way.

Think Save Retire
This is a great post by a leader in the personal finance blogging community. Steve is a great source of advice. He retired at the age of 35. Topics range from early retirement posts to personal finance and investing. Steve really does “Get it.” You will, too, if you read his posts.

Full Time Finance
With a background in economics and finance, this personal finance blog has a unique twist. He discusses minimizing expenses while maximizing life. Go check ’em out so that you can do the same.

I’ll try and update this with sites that I frequent as I go!

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