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Physician Philosopher Partners

On this page you will find the partners who help support the mission of The Physician Philosopher.  TPP focuses on helping doctors set boundaries with their mindset, money, and time in order to create work-life balance and find their dream job.

These partners have like-minded goals that will help you further your journey, particularly in the realm of creating financial freedom.  Make sure to check them both out!

About Physician on Fire

The Physician on Fire (PoF) is Leif, a former anesthesiologist, family guy, and occasional outdoor enthusiast. He attained financial independence at the age of 39, but enjoyed his job and continued to work until age 43. Read about his story or his path to FI to learn more about POF.

About Passive Income MD

Passive Income MD is an anesthesiologist living in Los Angeles. Peter is a risk taker when it comes to pursuing things that will improve his life. With the nudge of a friend he decided to start this blog where he catalogues his adventures chasing various streams to achieve passive income. Read more about why Peter became Passive Income MD here.

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