The Monthly Checkout: The FinCon19 Issue

By Jimmy Turner, MD
The Physician Philosopher

Every month, I like to highlight some noteworthy posts that I’ve found. I pass them along to you so that you can enjoy them, too. The posts will involve topics that are often covered on this blog including personal financeinvestingphysician burnout, and paying down debt.  This month’s monthly checkout is a special feature from bloggers I met at FinCon19. Welcome to The Monthly Checkout: The FinCon19 Issue!

The Physician Finance Blogger List

In early September, I had the chance to go to FinCon19 in Washington D.C.  For the last two years, FinCon has been a highlight of my year.  Having the opportunity to be surrounded by people who seem limitless in their potential, think outside the box, and who view money as a tool to create the ideal life…. is nothing short of amazing. One of the docs that I met there was Dr. Vi Dinh of Physician Zen.  He has previously guest posted on this site where he wrote about physician productivity systems as a solution to physician burnout. Yet, in an even more impressive post, Dr. Dinh – an academic emergency medicine physician – conducted a study of sorts where he collected all of the available information on every physician finance blog in existence, and then ranked them based on a variety of metrics.  So, if you’ve been looking for more great financial content written for physicians by physicians, then check out Physician Zen’s Comprehensive List of Physician Finance Bloggers. The remainder of this post will be highlighting people that I met in D.C. at FinCon, and excellent content from their blogs.

Efficient Teams, the Cure for Burnout?

One of the many amazing physician bloggers I met in D.C. was Dr. Barbara Hamilton, an interventional radiologist who runs the blog Tired Superheroine.  In person, we discussed her passion to set an example as a woman physician in a subspecialty.  Her blog content covers many similar topics to The Physician Philosopher from burnout to financial matters and even to life and career advice. Recently, Dr. Hamilton had the opportunity to attend an IR conference where she learned from one of the premier leaders in the physician burnout and wellness space.  Tag along as she discusses highly functioning teams and their impact on wellness.

Money Comes and Goes, But Time Marches On

I met Dr. Dawn Baker, owner of the blogs Practice Balance and Stealth Wealth Family, at both FinCon18 and FinCon19.  She is a bit of a role model for me as she recently started a 6 month sabatical from her anesthesiologist job.  Dr. Baker consistently and continually places the things that are most important to her first.  She talks the talk, and walks the walk. Dr. Baker and I are of one accord when it comes to focusing on ourselves.  Yet, neither of us mean that you should be selfish. Instead, we mean that we shouldn’t spend a lot of time comparing our work, life, or progress to that of others.  Instead, we should compare yourself to your former self.

Mind Over Matter Makes a Successful Person (and Investor)

One of my favorite conversations of FinCon19 involved sitting with Kenji and Leti of SemiRetiredMD well past midnight (when most of the good talks at FinCon happen, by the way).  Both are physicians, and worked as hospitalists before Kenji obtained his professional real estate status. Now, he works mostly on their real estate business while Leti still works a couple of weeks each month as a hospitalist. They talked about limiting beliefs, overcoming mindsets, and achieving our goals.  I told them of my limited time, and Leti and Kenji taught me about overcoming my limited mindset.  It was a refreshing conversation that energized me to be laser focused on my goals in life, and to stop spending my time on things that didn’t meet my goals. Since that talk, I’ve had tough conversations and asked to cut back on my clinical work so that I, too, can focus on my non-clinical interests.  Like Kenji and Leti learning how to overcome jumping to a trapeze bar at a great height, I’ve learn to overcome some of my limiting beliefs in order to pursue my passions.  It’s all about mindset!

Financial Independence Moves for Today

Speaking of having the right mindset, are you doing everything you can to achieve financial independence today?  This timeline may still be far away, but there is no day like today to get things started. Follow along as Physician on FIRE discusses five things you can do today to work towards financial independence.  His advice is usually golden, and his positive message matches his encouraging personality.  And, yes, in case you are curious, POF is just as awesome in person as he is online.  He is a staple at FinCon, and seemed to be everywhere at FinCon19.

Frugal Physician, Best New Blog Nominee!

Dr. Disha Spath of Frugal Physician fame was another of the attendees at FinCon.  She was as sincere, intelligent, and genuine as she seems on her blog. On the Frugal Physician, Dr. D is honest about her triumps and failures.  Speaking of triumphs, the Frugal Physician was nominated for a Plutus Award at FinCon19.  The Plutus Awards are the top honors for financial bloggers.  So, it was a huge deal to get nominated!  Not to be outdone there, she also had a recent podcast episode with The White Coat Investor.  You can check out the Frugal Physician podcast here. Make sure to stop by the Frugal Physician, too!

Are you Afraid of Investing in Real Estate?

While Dr. Peter Kim of PassiveIncomeMD and I didn’t (literally) share a meal this year like we did at FinCon18, we did get to hang out a good bit still.  Dr. Kim is still focusing hard on real estate.  In fact, he had a very successful launch of his syndications course.  And, word on the street is that he has a new course coming up on investing in real estate property, too! But, shh, that was supposed to be a secret, I think.  For now, you’ll have to settle for his posts on the topic.  Come find out why you shouldn’t be afraid of investing in real estate!

Are You a Second Victim?

I had the pleasure to meet Dr. McFrugal (DMF) in person again this year!  He and Physician Zen shared a room, and could be found together for most of the conference.  This made for a great conversation every time at FinCon19! DMF always carries a smile on his face.  He asks engaging questions, and doesn’t shy away from honesty. This includes discussing his first patient death and how it impacted him as a second victim.  Read more here: Don’t forget that second victims suffer, too!

XrayVsn Recaps FinCon

If all of this wasn’t enough, then you can check out a recap!  That way, you will be encouraged to come to FinCon19 FinCon20 next year, too! The Magic of FinCon was written by XrayVsn, who is an amazing guy. Easy to talk to, and encouraging to the core.

What do you think about the articles? Do you have any others to share that I missed?  Leave a comment below.



  1. Xrayvsn

    Thanks TPP for including me in your monthly check out.

    FinCon19 was a blast and it felt like a reunion with old friends even though I never met any before the conference in person.

    Was cool meeting with you in person and attending a couple of sessions together. The best part was seeing all the other doc bloggers there and putting names to faces/websites.

    I already booked tickets to Fincon 20 and hope that I can see everyone again as well as some new faces.

  2. Dawn

    Thanks for including me in your roundup! These were all great pieces that really highlighted each writer. I look forward to connecting with you again at the next FinCon (or before), where I hope to hear about more strides you make in your work-life balance!


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