How Personal Fitness Can Shape Your Personal Finances (and Your Belly)

Personal Finances

I’ve found that the discipline that comes from workout out and regularly exercising spreads to other areas of my life including spiritual, financial, and even work related areas.  Once you learn to be disciplined in one area, its contagious and spreads to others. Today’s post discusses the intersection between personal finance and personal fitness.

Two Tax-Efficient Ways to Minimize Childcare Costs

Time matters.  Passion means something.  Professional fulfillment also has a place.  For all of these reasons and more, I’ve fully supported and empowered my wife going back. That said, child care expenses are hella-expensive. Today we will discuss two ways to ease the pain a bit: the flexible spending account and 2018 child tax credit changes.

Are Side Hustles the Best Kind of Asset Protection?

side hustle, asset protection

s I was watching one day, it started to amaze me how comfortable the birds were jumping from post to post on the feeder or from branch to branch.  Often times at a distance taller than the bird itself.  It dawned on me that the reason they are so comfortable taking this risk was because they knew if they made a miscalculation, they had wings. Today, we talk about how side hustles give us wings – and asset protection.

Attending Your Own Funeral: Thoughts on Finances and Legacies

Attending Your Own Funeral

After watching some of their interactions it became clear that something spectacular was happening.  The patient was attending their own funeral.  They were cognizant enough to have conversations with these people that clearly loved him. They shared memories and times together.  What would you discuss if that happened?

The 100th Post: Traffic, Guest Posts, and Much More

100th post

I have posted three posts every week for 100 straight posts.  This has occurred since the blog started at the very end of November 2017.  Today’s post will break away a little bit from our typical content covering wealth building, financial independence, and wealth building topics to follow the progress of both this site.  It’ll be fun to look back a few years from now and see where we were at this point.  We will discuss traffic, my most popular posts, and much more.

Three Ways Being American Causes Financial Failure

American Exceptionalism

Let’s bring you back to my roots as a philosophy major in college.  Everything in philosophy is about “isms.”  Some of them are religious philosophies like Buddhism and Judaism, or pluralism versus monotheism.  Others are political in nature  like communism or fascism.  Today we are going to talk about another “ism” that dramatically impacts our ability to build wealth and achieve early financial independence: American exceptionalism.

Patient Perspectives #1: Financial Independence and Multiple Sclerosis

Patient Perspectives

This is a guest post by Kate.  Kate is a nurse practitioner, financial independence junkie, travel fanatic, and homeschool mom. She blogs at On Our Way World.  We have no financial relationship at this time.  I hope to introduce this is as the first of many “Patient Perspectives” presented on this web site.  Take it away, Kate!

My Life After FI: What My 4 & 1/2 Year Old Taught Me While Playing Mariokart

Two player video game

The realization hit me the other day while reading the book A Doctor’s Guide to Eliminating Debt.  At the end, the book poses a great question:  “What are you retiring to?”  It talks about the finish line.   So, I’d like to discuss five things that I’ll do much more often when I cross my financial independence (FI) number, or life after financial independence.