The Monthly Checkout: February 2019

By Jimmy Turner, MD
The Physician Philosopher

February has been a busy month for this site.  The Physician Philosopher exploded when Doximity featured my post: How Much Money Do Doctors Make and Why it Doesn’t Matter.  I was also featured on a podcast or two.

You may have noticed a shift in my content.  I’ve started writing much longer posts that aim to answer people’s questions completely.  These are most often featured on Mondays.

In addition to this, I am refurbishing some posts – typically on Fridays unless there is a guest post (check out the guest post policy, if interested) – that were written after the origin of this site.  Though the ideas weren’t bad, I cringe when I go back and read those original posts!  The topics are worth revisiting, but the posts need a new voice and a new angle.

Hence, the Friday Flashback posts that will frequent the site.

Highlights from The Physician Philosopher

In this shortened month, there was some solid content on both the site and other sites.  The book is the biggest highlight, but I left the update for that at the end of this post.  You have to keep reading to find out more!

I had my first (of hopefully many) appearances on the Financial Residency podcast this month.  If you haven’t checked out this podcast, which is run by a “gold-standard” financial advisor, Ryan Inman, you are missing out.  He will be added to the very short list of recommended advisors on this site once he fills out the application.  Make sure to check out the episode where I am featured on the Financial Residency podcast: Will More Money Make You Happier?

As for posts on the site this month, I want to highlight two in particular.

First, the blog became non-anonymous this month with the publication of my new book (more below on this).  “Who is The Physician Philosopher” was published at the beginning of the month.  If you want to know even more about my background going through bankruptcy as a kid, you can check that out here, too.

The second post worth highlighting this month is 10 Financial Tips for New Attending Physicians.  This thing is chalk-full of great ideas.  If you have a tough time gaining traction in your personal finance life, this post is meant for you.

The Monthly Checkout Posts

Readers on this site will know that I am a firm believer in the idea of knowing your “why” with money.  If you don’t, you will never stick to the plan. On a similar thread, Their Money Goals recently wrote a post about getting on the same page as your spouse when it comes to money.  This post is short, but solid.

Wealthy Doc is a legend in the physician finance blogging space.  He was around before just about anyone.  With a refashioned website, he is worth checking out again if you haven’t recently done so.  He has been putting out some amazing content lately, too.  First, check out his post on how to use finances to get free from a job you hate.

Then, go and read Wealthy Doc’s post on doing what you want when you want.  Both of these posts are worth your time, I promise.

She has become a regular on the monthly checkout, because her writing style is so unique.  Honestly, I still think she should write a book.  Check out M’s new post, which highlights the reality of Imposter Syndrome and how she copes.  Directly from Reflections of a Millennial Doctor.

Recently on Four Pillar Freedom, Zach wrote a post that I think he stole straight from my brain.  It is so in-tune with what I talk about on this site that it is uncanny.  Follow along as he examines how financial independence plays a role in work satisfaction at work, financial independence, and living your dream life now.

I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Bonnie MD at FinCon18.  She is an accomplished dermatologist who runs an awesome blog by the same name.  Recently, she wrote a post All About Roth investments.  I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Roth money for a variety of reasons (namely using it as a Stretch Roth IRA).  So, if you haven’t checked out Miss Bonnie MD’s post, you might be missing out on some Roth opportunities that are available to you!

One more…

The Frugal Physician is writing a great series on doctors who are getting out of debt.  In a recent rendition, she featured my family’s story paying off $200,000 in 19 months.  In it, I explain exactly how we ended up with our debt, how we got rid of it, and tips for those who are still working on their student loans. It was a really fun interview to complete.  If you have a similar story, give Dr. D a shout.

Update on The Book

The Physician Philosopher’s Guide to Personal Finance started out as a huge success.  During its free promotion, it was the #1 Free Money Management book on Amazon.  Over 1,000 copies were downloaded.  Since that time, it has continued to do well.

The book maintains a 5 star review (but can always use more!!).  It has been well received and has been called a “must read” by many people.  The book has a huge potential to be helpful to people, particularly medical professionals who are in training.

After writing the book, I received a lot of questions on how I did it and what I would recommend for others who also want to write a book.  If you want to know the answer to these questions, check out the guest post I write over on Passive Income MD on writing an e-book to create passive income.

If you are a regular reader on this site, please consider spreading the word on the book.  And leave a review.  That is how people will continue to find it.

Take Home

Thanks for tagging along for the monthly checkout, February edition. Go check out the posts mentioned above.

If you haven’t read the book, go do that.  Then, tell ten friends about it!

If you have posts that you feel are worth sharing, contact me and let me know!  I’ll consider mentioning them in the next Monthly Checkout.



  1. Wealthy Doc

    Thanks for the shoutout and the kind comments.
    Just when I was feeling like a total blog failure I get a boost from a friend.

    • ThePhysicianPhilosopher

      We all need a pick me up sometimes. I am certainly no different.

      Thanks for the great content!

  2. Kpeds

    Congrats on the exciting month! Your highlighted since very excellent posts this month. I’m also enjoying reading about so many people’s successes with loan payoffs. Incredible what dedication to the cause can do.

    • ThePhysicianPhilosopher

      Thanks, KPeds! It’s been a fun ride so far. Consistency seems to be the key. Though it can be challenging to maintain at times.


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