The Physician Philosopher Book: Get a Free Copy

The Physician Philosopher Book

The Physician Philosopher Book publishes soon! Come find out how to snag a free copy. I want this book to be helpful for as many people as possible. So, share the details with your friends, too. Oh, and you won’t believe who is writing the foreword!

5 Attributes that Make You An Easy Financial Target

Financial Target

Today’s post hopes to answer the following question: As doctors, why do we have a target painted on our back by financial professionals? Let’s talk about five targets that doctors provide.  Hopefully, through this discussion, you will be more aware of how and why people aim to steal a part of the pie that is rightly yours.

When is the right time to buy the next house?

when is the right time to buy the next house?

Our networth exploded this year because we have been living on 20% of our income, which was only possible because we didn’t buy a house.  In fact, the more that I think about it, the more I realize that buying a house after residency is likely the number one reason physicians take so long to reach financial independence, if they reach it at all. Today’s post discusses our thought process.

Are Side Hustles the Best Kind of Asset Protection?

side hustle, asset protection

s I was watching one day, it started to amaze me how comfortable the birds were jumping from post to post on the feeder or from branch to branch.  Often times at a distance taller than the bird itself.  It dawned on me that the reason they are so comfortable taking this risk was because they knew if they made a miscalculation, they had wings. Today, we talk about how side hustles give us wings – and asset protection.

Poverty in Older Generations: A History Lesson


A recent WSJ article looked into the poverty in our older generation and their inability to retire. It’s important to understand history or else we are doomed to repeat it. Come take a walk with me as we look at the reasons why they are unable to retire and how we can prevent this from happening to the current generations.