Recommended Books

These are books that I have personally read and recommend.  These are affiliate links and, therefore, I make money from the purchase if you choose to buy (at no increased cost to you).

The books that make the list are books I think it would be beneficial for you to purchase and read them.  Remember, it is important to have a basic and fundamental knowledge of personal finance.  Then you get your CME (Continuing medical education) by keeping up with blogs and forums written on the subject!

Fantastic Investment Books Regardless of Your Profession

Boglehead's Guide to Investing This book is where it all started for me.  This is where I learned of all the wasted years that I didn't put money away, what taught me about compounding interest, and (maybe most importantly) introduced me to Vanguard and index fund investing.  Completely changed my perspective, and it'll change yours, too, if you haven't read it.  Phenomenal book and first one I recommend to anyone medical or not.

The Only Investment Guide You Will Ever Need An interesting book that serves partly as a book of definitions (want to know what the difference between a treasury bond and a junk bond is?) and also as a guide towards how to make frugal (buying in bulk) and investment choices.

Medical Field Specific Books:

The White Coat Investor: A Doctor's Guide to Personal Finance and Investing  Read this in my last year of residency.  I also buy it for my residents who express interest in the topic. Cannot remember if it was recommended to me or not, but I highly recommend it to you.  It is physician specific, but can be applied to any high-income earner who came out of an advanced degree (or college) with significant debt.  Doctor's have a specific and unique financial situation, and this book does a wonderful job walking you through how to handle it!

Philosophical/Perspective Books on Money

How to Think About Money This may be my second favorite financial book I've read because this site spends so much time talking about intentional spending as a way to a moderately frugal life.  I've reviewed this book here.  Simply put, it'll change your perspective on what makes you happy, how good you are at determining what makes you happy, and how money may (or may not) be connected to that happiness.  Simply put, this book is a game changer for perspective on your money.  Read it.

More Books to Come...

As I read more quality books, I'll add them here to the appropriate section.  If I read a book that's no good (there are a lot of books that aren't that helpful), I'll keep it to myself.