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With the combined knowledge and experience of a practicing physician and financial advisor, this podcast aims to be the best personal finance podcast for doctors.

James D. Turner, MD

Practicing physician and self-described personal finance nerd.

Lisha Taylor

Lisha Taylor, MD

Practicing Physician and founder of Career Money Moves

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How to Teach Doctors About Money And Create A Personal Finance Curriculum

How to Teach Doctors About Money And Create A Personal Finance Curriculum

Because of Lisha and my personal journey with personal finance, I know that there are medical professionals out there who want to provide personal finance lectures to others around them or maybe even create a personal finance curriculum if they are in academics. So if you are that resident or doctor interested in creating a personal finance curriculum for doctors or maybe just teaching friends and family about money, today’s episode is for you. Today we are going to be talking about how you can start teaching other doctors and medical professionals about money.

The Benefits of a Roth IRA for Doctors

The Benefits of a Roth IRA for Doctors

Everyone has heard of a backdoor Roth IRA, but what’s the big deal with Roth IRA’s anyway? Today, Dr. Lisha Taylor and I are going to be talking about Roth IRA money for physicians. This is an important topic because doctors often need to use any tax-advantaged space they can get their hands on since we normally have a high savings rate. So join us today to learn what a Roth IRA is and why you should seriously consider one as a physician.

Tax Loopholes for Doctors

Tax Loopholes for Doctors

You might be looking for tax loopholes for doctors as we enter everyone’s favorite time of year. The truth is there are tips and tricks that you likely are not taking advantage of as a doctor that will help you reduce your taxes. In this episode, we will give you the top things you can do now (and for the future) to save money on your taxes as a doctor.

How Much Money Should Doctors Save?

How Much Money Should Doctors Save?

One thing we can agree on about today’s topic is this: doctors historically are under-savers.

But when it comes to physician money management, exactly how much doctors should be saving is hotly contested. How much and how you save is going to depend on your own financial goals and your current situation – the status of your student loans, whether you’re married or have kids or plan to start a family when you want to retire, etc.

In this episode, we’ll give you two different options for figuring out how much money you should save – regardless of your situation.

Money Mistakes Doctors Make

Money Mistakes Doctors Make

Let’s be honest… we all love learning from other people’s financial mistakes. It is like a slow-motion car accident. You just can’t take your eyes away. Money mistakes are going to happen, and we are going to discuss a few common financial mistakes that doctors make. Come join Lisha and I as we discuss our share of financial mistakes, and some of them are very common and might resonate with you on episode this episode of Money Meets Medicine.

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“The content of the podcast is incredible and compliments any doctor’s financial education. Ryan and Jimmy have cohesive chemistry where they delve into behavioral finance in a succinct and fun way, and this has translated to better financial decisions in my life.”
NYU Neuro
“I’m a long time listener and follower of WCI, but this podcast has quickly moved to #1 (still listen/follow WCI). I love the friendly banter between Jimmy and Ryan… keep up the great work guys!”
“MMM is one of my favorite physician finance podcasts. Many shows fixate on the nuts and bolts of how to perform certain financial/investing maneuvers, but MMM focused on the behavioral aspects of personal finance… I highly recommend this podcast to my colleagues.”
Catdaddy M.D.

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