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We talk about the personal finance topics you wish you had learned in medical school.

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Meet the hosts

With the combined knowledge and experience of a practicing physician and financial advisor, this podcast aims to be the best personal finance podcast for doctors.

James D. Turner, MD

Practicing physician and self-described personal finance nerd.

Ryan Inman

Flat, fee-only financial planner and owner of Physician Wealth Services.

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MMM 58: Stupid Mistakes Doctors Make

MMM 58: Stupid Mistakes Doctors Make

Financial mistakes are all too common. I’ve made them. You’ve made them. And, if you don’t believe me, there is only one way to make sure you aren’t making stupid financial mistakes. Listen in to find out!

What people are saying

“The content of the podcast is incredible and compliments any doctor’s financial education. Ryan and Jimmy have cohesive chemistry where they delve into behavioral finance in a succinct and fun way, and this has translated to better financial decisions in my life.”
NYU Neuro
“I’m a long time listener and follower of WCI, but this podcast has quickly moved to #1 (still listen/follow WCI). I love the friendly banter between Jimmy and Ryan… keep up the great work guys!”
“MMM is one of my favorite physician finance podcasts. Many shows fixate on the nuts and bolts of how to perform certain financial/investing maneuvers, but MMM focused on the behavioral aspects of personal finance… I highly recommend this podcast to my colleagues.”
Catdaddy M.D.

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