Refinancing Student Loans

Discover how to refinance and get up to $750 in your pocket!

Refinance Student Loans with a Cash Back Bonus

One of the biggest steps in our financial journey involved paying off $200,000 of student loans in just 19 months, which wouldn’t have been possible if we had not refinanced our student loans. Refinancing allowed us to reduce our 6.8% interest rate that we had on our student loan debt. And, we got a cashback bonus as a plus!

Remember: Unlike mortgages where fees are applied, you can refinance multiple times as you want to reap the rewards of the cashback bonuses mentioned below.

Below you will find companies that will help you Refinance Student Loans. I provide Pros and Cons for each. The cashback bonus is listed at the top of each company’s section.

Look around below and get the best interest rate with the best cashback bonus!

Cashback deals on refinancing are below.  First, here is some introductory material on student loans, if you need more information before refinancing.

Cash Back Deals on Refinancing:

Credible Student Loan Refinancing


$750 Cash Back Bonus*

Credible is not a lender, but a marketplace where lenders compete for your business. They will show you actual rates from up to a dozen lenders (including SoFi) without impacting your credit score, and they don’t share your information with lenders until you choose the specific lender you want to pursue. Use the link above and receive a $750 bonus when refinancing through Credible on loan balances over $100k ($300 bonus on loans under $100k).

  • Online marketplace that provides borrowers with competitive and personalized loan options in real-time
  • Honest source for comparing rates
  • Check your personalized rates in just 2 minutes without impacting your credit score
  • No sharing of your information with lenders until you choose the specific lender you want to pursue
  • One form to access options from top lenders
  • No fees or prepayment penalties

*To receive $750 welcome bonus, Physician Philosopher readers must refinance a balance equal to or greater than $100K. If refinancing a balance below $100K, readers are eligible for a $300 welcome bonus. Payment of any Welcome Bonus will occur either via a credit through TangoCard.com sent to the email address provided by Referrer or Referee, as applicable, or by any other means determined by Credible.

Student Loan Refinancing


$500 bonus for you (loans >$100,000)


  • Most flexible payment schedules (not strict 5, 7, or 10-year contracts like other companies)
  • Competitive Rates


  • No resident refinance product at this time
  • Clients must reside in the District of Columbia or one of the 48 states we lend in (all but Kentucky and Nevada). *Please note, we are not able to offer variable rate loans in AK, IL, MN, NH, OH, TN, and TX.
  • Cannot consolidate with spouse’s loans

New Bonus Disclosure
Earnest Welcome Bonus Offer Disclosure: Terms and conditions apply. To qualify for this Earnest Welcome Bonus offer: 1) you must not currently be an Earnest client, or have received the bonus in the past, 2) you must submit a completed student loan refinancing application through the designated [Partner Name] link; 3) you must provide a valid email address and a valid checking account number during the application process; and 4) your loan must be fully disbursed. The bonus will be automatically transmitted to your checking account after the final disbursement. There is a limit of one bonus per borrower. This offer is not valid for current Earnest clients who refinance their existing Earnest loans, clients who have previously received a bonus, or with any other bonus offers received from Earnest. Bonus cannot be issued to residents in KY, MA, or MI.

commonbond refinance


$550 Cash Back Bonus


  • If you are in trianing, they will consider your future attending paycheck if you have a contract in hand in the last 12 months in training.
  • Great protection for your loans (strong language on discharge of loans with death or disability).
  • CB allows you to consolidate with your spouse’s loans.
  • Refinance for a Good Cause: Every loan that is refinanced pays for one year of education for a child in Ghana. Commonbond has financed over educations for over 5,000 children already.


  • Resident refinancing is only available in the last 12 months of training. Interest accrues during that last year.

Figure Student Loan Refinance


$200 Amazon Gift Card


  • Fastest and easiest process to apply.
  • 100% online process (no paper or scans required, unlike most refinance companies).
  • Competitive Rates (Terms at 5, 7, 15, and 20 years)


  • Cannot refinance loans >$250,000 or <$5,000

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