TPP Personal Finance Calculators

Please note the comments below each of the TPP Personal Finance Calculators*:

TPP Retirement Calculator–>

Calculate how much you’ll have and at what age with various investment strategies.

  • In this calculator, add your information in the Grey boxes in Column B
  • If you will be making additional contributions in later years (say not doing a Backdoor roth, but plan to starting next year, add that to the boxes for that corresponding year in Row 13).
  • Your cumulative total of all investments at end of each year can be found in Row 20.
  • Your Annual Savings Rate is calculated in Row 14
  • *Special shout out to one of our loyal readers (DO) who caught an error in a previously published version of this calculator.

Fellowship Opportunity Cost Calculator

  • For full detail, please read my accompanying guest post on White Coat Investor on the Opportunity Cost of Fellowship.
  • Use this tool to determine how much of a financial opportunity cost doing a fellowship will cost you.
  • From the financial standpoint, which is NOT the only standpoint that matters, it’ll better help you understand your decision.
  • You can often earn this opportunity cost back, read the linked article above to see my arguments there.

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**Disclaimer: These tools help provide estimations towards your desired answer.  I cannot predict the future.  P.S.  I am not a financial advisor, but a physician (who happens to like to work on excel sheets), which is where my expertise remains.  None of this constitutes financial advice.  It is for your informational purposes only.

1 thought on “TPP Personal Finance Calculators”

  1. I think you also need to consider how much someone makes after doing a fellowship. Say, an MD in Internal medicine makes $200,000, but after a Cardiology fellowship he probably makes upwards of $500,000 by the end of his career. That would diminish the “opportunity Cost” as per your excel sheet. It would be great if you can add that parameter as well and re-publish the Excel.


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