How Much Time Does it Take To Invest in Real Estate?

investing in real estate

I definitely don’t want to get called in the middle of the night when someone’s heater stops working… that’s just not for me. Is that actually the reality of investing in real estate? Does it take up that much time? It doesn’t have to, as you’ll find out in today’s WCI Network Selection.

5 Reasons to Keep Working After Financial Independence

reasons to keep working

Have you ever considered what you would do with your job if money didn’t matter? What if you were financially independent? Some would stop work immediately, while others would continue their every day routines. Here are the top 5 reasons to keep working after financial independence according to Physician on FIRE.

Passive Income By Investing In Syndications Online Course Review

Passive income by investing in syndications

Do you want to diversify your investments? Have you considered investing in real estate, but don’t want the hassle of property management?  Do you want to benefit from the tax advantages of real estate?  Then I’ve got an online course for you…and this is the review of that course.

Don’t Buy Things You Can’t Afford

How to afford something

Despite it being a simple premise, Americans buy things that they cannot afford all of the time.  Not only does this post include a link to a hilarious (yet true) video on the idea of waiting til you can afford something to buy it, but it is also filled with practical advice on how to spend less.  This will then allow you to save more.   Tag along as we discuss a simple, yet effective truth.

Teaching FIRE to Your Kids

teaching kids about money

I thought about naming this post “Children on FIRE” or “Teachings Kids to Play with FIRE”… but none of those sounded right.  Since I didn’t write this post originally, which was first published over at Physician on FIRE, I decided to tame down the title…. never the less, this is a really important topic that all parents should spend some time thinking about.