3 Ways to Vet Real Estate Sponsors (Syndications)

Real Estate Sponsor

Today’s WCI Network Saturday selection comes from Passive Income MD.  While I haven’t dipped my toes into syndicated real estate deals or funds , I have learned exactly how I’ll do it when we get the funds to take the leap.  Where did I learn it from?  The same place that you should:  the Passive … Read more

5 Virtual Assistant Services That Improve My Life

virtual assistant

After running this blog for about 18 months, I came to the realization that things had to change.  Between my family life with my full-time (and amazingly gifted) wife and our three kids, my main job as a full-time anesthesiologist, and all of my non-clinical responsibilities – it was starting to become a bit overwhelming.  … Read more

Fixed versus Variable Student Loan Rates

fixed versus variable rate

Residents and new attendings often ask me, should I get a fixed or a variable interest rate when I refinance my student loans? This is a tough question to answer unless your mindset is right. Come check out this WCI Saturday Selection to help get you in the right mind space.