Teaching doctors how to live life on their terms through money and mindset 

with Best-Selling Author and Podcaster –
Jimmy Turner, MD

Teaching doctors how to live life on their terms. 

with Jimmy Turner, MD

Are you living the dream? Or do you feel stuck or trapped in medicine?

As physicians, we sacrifice ourselves for the greater good. But at some point, we realize that when we say “Yes” to the committees, book-chapters, meetings, late nights, and leadership tasks, we’re saying “No” to our families and work-life balance. It doesn’t have to be this way.

5 Steps to Get Time Back

Get Your Time Back

Overwhelmed by your personal and professional responsibilities? My free guide ‘5 Steps to Get Your Time Back: A Doctor’s Guide to Defeating Overwhelm ‘ can help.

Start a Side-Gig

Have you thought about creating a non-clinical income side-gig? My free guide ‘The ultimate guide to online physician income’ will help you expand your income options.


I’m Jimmy Turner, MD.

A practicing anesthesiologist, physician entrepreneur, and coach for doctors.

As a physician, husband, father, and entrepreneur, I know what it’s like to feel like there is never time to take a deep breath and end up on the road to burnout.

I felt undervalued, unappreciated, and trapped. I was stuck in medicine.

But rather than step back and find balance in my personal and professional life, I carried on, sure that my ‘next’ accomplishment would get me off the road to burnout and make me happy.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Through coaching, I regained power and control over my thoughts. Then, I created the financial freedom I needed to find fulfillment and balance in my life. I even rediscovered a love for medicine. Now I help other doctors do the same.

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Money Meets Medicine

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Self-Determined Physician Model

Determined Physician Coaching will help you achieve real fulfillment

Fulfilment isn’t a pipe dream. It’s a state of being that we help physicians (just like you) achieve every day.

A Fulfilled Physician lives life on their terms and wakes up every day living the dream and enjoying the journey.

They practice medicine as much or as little as they want. Their journey is powered by financial freedom through non-clinical income and a healthy savings rate. When they do practice medicine, they do it with contentment in their heart and control over their thoughts. They live a life of abundance and growth where Imposter Syndrome and Burnout have been defeated.

Self-Determined Physician Model

What people say

“I am so glad I that I took the leap because it has been a truly transformational experience!”

Dr. Michael Runyon, MD
Emergency Medicine

“Life coaching with Jimmy was a game changer for me, and empowered me to regain my autonomy and sense of self.”
Dr. Peter Baum, DO
Family Medicine

“Jimmy could charge 3 to 4 times the amount and it would still be worth it. This will undoubtedly buy extra years in my career.”

Drew Cronyn, MD


Our mission is to help as many doctors as possible (with a smidge of entertainment along the way).

An uncurated and unapologetic look into physician life.

Money Meets Medicine podcast

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TPP 59: The Importance of Rest

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Are you ready to live a life you love?