There is a reason that medicine doesn’t feel like the promised land that you thought it would…

You worked hard to become a physician. You deserve to be the captain of your own ship. To live a life you love. Why wait until “someday” to be happy? Why not learn the skills and make the necessary changes to enjoy the journey now?

Imagine if you  …

  • Could enjoy work!
  • Had the time to make it to your kid’s tennis practice and tee-ball games!
  • Fell back in love with medicine.
  • Felt present at home as a wife, mother, AND physician (or husband and dad)!
  • Were content at home and at work.
  • Rekindled your love for medicine and your passion for being a doctor. 
  • Knew exactly how to work through your problems and career decisions.
  • Could enjoy work (and actually looked forward to your next shift)!
  • Felt validated and surrounded by doctors on the same journey as you.
  • Knew exactly what you needed to do to fix your career.
  • Became a better version of yourself (or found the old you).
  • Felt supported at home and at work!
  • Become the captain of your ship.


These are the words doctors just like you use to describe their transformation after ACE…Book a call to discuss your goals!

Hi! I’m Dr. Jimmy Turner

A practicing anesthesiologist, author, entrepreneur, and physician burnout expert. Probably, much like you, I am a high-achieving clinical and academic physician who thought the key to my happiness was just over the next achievement rainbow – only to be let down time and time again. After battling my way back from extreme burnout to crafting the balance to live a life I love, I have made it my mission to teach every physician to do the same!  By empowering each other we can change the face of medicine for us and for future generations to come.
Jimmy Turner

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