Welcome to The Physician Philosopher website! 

The purpose of this website is to help medical professionals achieve wealth without forgetting the purpose, obtaining wellness.

Post Schedule
On Mondays and Fridays of each week, items related to wealth will be posted.  Wednesdays will be “Wellness Wednesdays” where we will discuss the other tough topics related to working in healthcare (balancing life, ethics, and advice for those currently on the ROAD to practicing medicine).

The four main topics to be discussed on this blog, include:

  1. Building Wealth:  This section involves common financial pitfalls, paths to success, and recommendations that I would have made to my prior self if a time-machine existed.
  2. Ethos and Passion:  A portion of the blog on wellness and how this can be accomplished, maintained, and cultivated.
  3. Life:  While our job is to help save lives, physicians have lives outside of medicine, too!  This is the place to find advice on things outside the workplace (marriage, kids, life).
  4. The ROAD:  Humorously named “The ROAD” based on the joke in medicine that Radiology, Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology, and Dermatology are the “ROAD” to happiness.  Jokes aside, this is the place to find posts about the road to becoming a physician.

If you want to know more about me, you can look here.


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