The Power of Saying No: What Barry Sanders Taught Me

When my residency program asked me to help with a problem in the residency and didn’t value my time, I realized the power of saying no. Come join the conversation as I get real with what determines my self-worth, Barry Sanders, saying no, and how I’ll end my career after reaching FI.

Introducing The Monthly Checkout

Introducing The Monthly Checkout

In medicine, we have to handover care to the physicians coming behind us.  At least, for those of us that do shift work that is true.  Just like we run the list to check out on the patients we are taking care of, we will run a list of articles I think you should read.  So, this will be the first of many Monthly Checkouts where I hand select articles that I really think are worth checking out to you. 

Imposter Syndrome, Duning-Kruger Effect, and Attending Land Mines

Have you ever felt that impending doom of being seen as a failure?  If you have any humility about yourself, the answer is probably yes.  It’s called “imposter syndrome.”  The prescription?  Avoid the Duning-Kruger effect. Want to know what that is and how to avoid it?  Just keep reading.

When Helping Hurts: Medical Mission Work

What is your view of medical mission work? Is it all helpful? Does some of it hurt the community we are attempting to serve? What does effective mission work look like? Today we will discuss this and discuss when helping hurts!

The Fifth Philosophy: How to Slay a Bear Market

Could you stomach watching $500,000 turn into $250,000 over the course of months, or lose $100,000 in one week?  A Bear Market is not the time to find out who you are in terms of your ability to withstand corrections and recessions.  You need to have a plan  to slay the bear market before it comes!

Budgeting: Four False Assumptions

Budgeting has earned quite the bad wrap.  It is often viewed negatively whereas “tracking spending” is viewed as the positive term. Today we will look into the top four false assumptions regarding budgeting, and discuss why it may be a necessary and beneficial endeavor.

What is Compassion Fatigue? An absence of Hesed?

What is Compassion Fatigue? An absence of Hesed?

Hesed is often translated as loving-kindness, but it also encapsulates mercy, loyalty, and even compassion.  Hesed seems to be the ideal way that we should think and care about others, particularly our patients.  In a world that is more jaded by the day, Hesed seems to be less and less common.  What is more common now is something called Compassion Fatigue.  Today we will discuss exactly what Compassion Fatigue is and ways that we may be able to combat it’s evil forces.

Should I go to medical school?

Should I go to medical school?

It is a common question asked by those thinking about going into the field of medicine, “Would you go into medicine again if you did it all over?” Sometimes they ask, “Would you tell your son or daughter to go into medicine?”  Today we are going to look strictly at the financial aspect of this decision.

Should I Invest Pre-Tax or Roth for my 401k?

Should I Invest Pre-Tax or Roth for my 401k?

If you are reading this site, then you have likely come across other websites geared towards high income earners. The vast majority of them will tell you to invest your 401k/403b money in a traditional (pre-tax) manner. The reasons for this are many, but let me lay out the opponents argument before I tell you why I prefer a ROTH contribution to my 403B:

Should I do research? Five commonly asked questions

Given that I had the experience of thinking research was pretty worthless and then transitioned to “seeing the light,” I wanted to spend some time answering five questions that medical students often ask me regarding research:

Pay off my student loans or invest?

Sometimes the head and the heart just can’t agree.  Paying off debt provides more peace of mind than making more in the market investing.  The math doesn’t make sense, but what is the point of wealth if you aren’t content? What does your head and heart think/feel?