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Welcome Physician on Fire readers! 

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For my regular readers, this week you will not find my Friday post as it is being replaced by a Thursday guest post on Physician on Fire’s website where I write about Student Loan Bonds and how we can view them in a diversified portfolio.  Loans may be a necessary evil, but we can at least use that necessary evil to our advantage!

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An excerpt from my guest post!

Click here to see my guest post on Physician On Fire’s site. Here is an excerpt from my guest post:

Student Loans, The New Bond

Unfortunately, debt is a necessary evil for most of us who have obtained an advanced degree.  To put a positive spin on my debt, I like to think of student loans as another source of diversification for my portfolio known as Student Loan Bonds. [In case you are curious, I am not the only one who thinks of student loans as bonds]. It is a completely different (negative) asset class.  As I pay down my debt, I am increasing my net worth.  Therefore, Student Loan Bonds are certainly an investment that will provide more wealth.  How exactly do Student Loan Bonds fit into the diversification mentioned above?  Glad you asked.

…If you are asking the question of whether you should invest more aggressively or pay down debt, I encourage you to do both aggressively.  Student loans can serve as a form of diversification and produce the guaranteed market stabilization that you seek from bonds.  Investing in bonds while you have a substantial amount of debt, particularly early in your career, could prove redundant.

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