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TPP #5: The Arrival Fallacy

We all have ideas of what happiness looks like. We say things like, “when ___ happens, I’ll be happy.“ This is called the Arrival Fallacy. Today we’re going to talk about to find true happiness.

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MMM #3: Fitting a Peloton into Your Budget

Is there something that you absolutely love to spend money on? In this episode, we not only tell you that it is okay… but that we highly encourage you to do it. Are we abandoning frugality completely? Is the site coming off the rails? Learn to spend lavishly in a guilt-free way.

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Doctors Aren’t Burned Out, They are Morally Injured

In philosophy, terms are important. They have connotations and meanings that dictate the conversation. Even when we have the term, we spend time defining them. And it is time we stop defining what is happening in medicine as “burn out” and start using the right term – moral injury.

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