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These are the forums that I frequent.  They are filled with knowledgeable and helpful people who are on the ready to answer any questions you may have!

Student Doctor Network A website that is focused on a lot different medical fields (PA, MD, CRNA, DMD, etc).  This is a great site to ask opinions.  Sometimes the opinons are valid, sometimes not…but this is one site where I see people actually trying to discuss topics on wellness and one of the reasons I frequent this site.

Bogleheads Forum:  Created by the followers of John Bogle (Creator of Vanguard and likely biggest contributor to regular American’s building wealth in our country).  If you have a question about personal finance…this forum will answer quickly and answer it well.  This is my go to site for questions I have when I don’t know how to do something.  Really great resource.

Rockstar Finance Forum  The place where financial bloggers go to chat.  Care to know someone’s opinion from one of the many personal finance websites, this is where you can find it.

White Coat Investor Forum Financial forum run by WCI.  Good community of people to help you figure your way along.

Any others you recommend?  Shoot me an email and let me know.


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