Recommended Podcasts

In this fast-paced world, sitting down and reading awesome blogs like this one isn’t always possible.  While you are driving your car to work, doing your laundry, or mowing your lawn – you have an opportunity to do something else.  Listen to personal finance podcasts.

Below you will find my favorite personal finance podcasts.  A lot of this is slanted towards physicians, but there are some in there for the general audience as well.

What’s Up Next 

This podcast is brand-spanking new.  That’s why I want to get it in front of you.  The goal here is to spend time discussing tough personal finance questions that don’t have an easy answer.

The first episode can be found here on itunes, stitcher, or other major podcast apps.  Or you can find it and listen to it here on DiverseFI’s page.

This is hosted by Doc G of DiverseFI and Paul David Thompson of Ready Investor One.

Financial Residency

The Financial Residency Podcast is run by Ryan Inman, a fee-only financial advisor.  He spends time trying to help fill the gap in the financial education that is left by the medical education system.

Ryan understands our situation because he is married to a physician.  I find his podcast to be helpful, enlightening, and informative.  It’s also very easy to listen to and was up for a Plutus Award at Fincon for being a top-notch podcast.

Docs Outside the Box 

Dr. Nii Darko, a trauma surgeon, hosts the Docs Outside the Box podcast.  He keeps it real while discussing doctors who have started doing things outside of medicine.  It’s an awesome podcast with a bit of a different slant.

Hippocratic Hustle

Carrie Reynolds is the host of the Hippocratic Hustle.  While I am not exactly her target audience – female physicians – I really appreciate her perspective and the light she is shedding on some rockstar women physicians who are kicking tail in entrepreneurial efforts.

It’s all about work-life balance, and Dr. Reynolds tries to highlight that.

Doctors Unbound

A fellow anesthesiologist, Dr. David Draghinas, runs this podcast: Doctors Unbound.  His focus is highlighting doctors who have become unbound by physician stereotypes.  Interviews have included real estate owners, inventors, and authors.

Doc of All Tradez (coming soon!)

This one isn’t out yet, but I’ve already been on the show.  So, it has to make the list, right?

Doc of All Tradez is a podcast focusing on teaching physicians how to perform negotiation as a skill. It highlights the consideration of various job positions and the ways in which physicians can use their knowledge and expertise as leverage in their jobs.

Choose FI

This is the quintessential financial independence podcast: Choose FI.  It’s run by Brad and Jonathan.  To say that they were a “big deal” at FinCon would be a great understatement.  To not follow that up by saying that they are very kind, approachable, and down to earth people – would be unfair.

These guys care and they run a great podcast.

White Coat Investor

Dr. Dahle is everywhere these days.  If you want a podcast that provides great information without a lot of non-sense, the White Coat Investor Podcast is for you.  It has become part of my daily commute to work when a post comes out.

He spends some time shifting back and forth between answering common questions he receive and interviewing guests in the financial space.  It’s definitely worth the listen.


If you want to make the list, shoot me an email.  I’ll take a listen and toss your podcast up here if its something I enjoy.