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How Virtual Assistants Can Benefit Doctors

How Virtual Assistants Can Benefit Doctors

I’m a big fan of delegating tasks and freeing up my time so that I can focus on what I need to focus on in my business. And finding work-life balance (or life-life balance as some people like to call it) is one of the most common things doctors want. But how do we go about finding that?

The Benefits of a Roth IRA for Doctors

The Benefits of a Roth IRA for Doctors

Today, Dr. Lisha Taylor and I are going to be talking about Roth IRA money for physicians. This is an important topic because doctors often need to use any tax-advantaged space they can get their hands on since we normally have a high savings rate.

TPP 92: Should You Leave Medicine? with Chelsea Turgeon, MD

TPP 92: Should You Leave Medicine? with Chelsea Turgeon, MD

Physicians often reach out to me for advice about whether they should quit being a physician. I have a hard time giving advice on that subject because it seems like there are really only two options. The first option is to tough it out and finish what you started. The second option is to follow your dreams, even if they lead you away from medicine. So how do you know which path to take?

TPP 90: Finding Purpose and Connection Outside of Medicine w/ Dr. Jordan Grumet

TPP 90: Finding Purpose and Connection Outside of Medicine w/ Dr. Jordan Grumet

Finding purpose in life outside of medicine can be challenging for many doctors.

In this episode, I interview a good friend of mine, Dr. Jordan Grumet, a hospice and palliative care doctor who discovered financial independence to ward off physician burnout. We talk about some key ideas from his upcoming book, about the things I have been working through personally over the last two years, and a topic that MANY doctors ignore until it is too late.

Listen in as we talk about how doctors can gain financial independence in order to live a fulfilling life that is full of purpose, connection, and identity.

TPP 89: How My Friend Had $100,000 in Student Loans Forgiven

TPP 89: How My Friend Had $100,000 in Student Loans Forgiven

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you probably know that a lot has changed about student loans in the last year or two.

There are a lot of changes happening for a lot of people who are going into fellowship, residency, or becoming an attending, and it is time to dig into your student loans. The Covid Waiver is only available until October 31, 2022, so don’t put this off!

The government is going above and beyond to make the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program work. When you personally see people getting six figures forgiven, it opens your eyes and helps you trust and verify this program.

On this episode of the Physician, Philosopher podcast join DR.Lisha and me as we dive deeper into getting loans forgiven

Share this with a friend because you never know, you might save your friend $100,000 in student debt!

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