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3 Doctors Who Changed Their Life Through Physician Coaching

3 Doctors Who Changed Their Life Through Physician Coaching

Given that this is the 100th episode of this show, I thought it would be pretty cool to share the stories of those who have listened to this podcast and had their lives changed as a result.

And today is doubly-special, because The Alpha Coaching Experience (ACE) is finally open again. It’s been six months since we opened the doors last, and we only open the program twice per year.

So, instead of me telling you about the impact ACE has had on doctors, I thought I’d let three doctors who have gone through the physician coaching program share their stories. Here’s how they overcame their situations to create the time, financial freedom, and mindset shifts they needed to practice medicine on their terms.

Physician Side Gigs with Dr. Peter Kim

Physician Side Gigs with Dr. Peter Kim

My good friend, Peter Kim, from Passive Income MD is a serial entrepreneur, physician in anesthesiology, and a great friend and family man. Sharing my enthusiasm for physician finance strategies that prioritize freedom, Peter is also a bit of a side-gig guru.

Conversations with Peter are always fun, especially when we get to talk about different approaches to financial freedom. Over the years, Peter has conducted extensive trial and error research and fine-tuned the art of the physician side hustle. I can’t wait for you to absorb the knowledge and wisdom he was willing to share with The Physician Philosopher community.


Weight Loss for Busy Physicians with Dr. Katrina Ubell

Weight Loss for Busy Physicians with Dr. Katrina Ubell

Dr. Ubell is a master certified life and weight loss coach who struggled with her own weight for decades before finding a permanent solution.

In 2016, she founded a weight loss program that has
helped over 1,300 physicians achieve the same peace and freedom surrounding food.

Her podcast, Weight Loss for Busy Physicians, has been downloaded over 6 million times and she is the author of the forthcoming book How to Lose Weight for the Last Time; Brain-Based Solutions for Permanent Weight Loss.

In this show, we’re going to dive into her book. So, if you have ever wanted to lose weight and keep it off… this is for you.

Click here to register for The Rise of The Self-Determined Physician → https://thephysicianphilosopher.com/SDP

Practicing Medicine On Your Own Terms with Dr. Vikram Raya

Practicing Medicine On Your Own Terms with Dr. Vikram Raya

Physicians that have carved out a life they love through entrepreneurship have one major thing in common: they work on their mindset.

I once had massive skepticism about mindset work and coaching. But there’s a reason why people say that when it comes to personal finance, it’s 20% math, 80% mindset. If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ve come to hear that phrase over and over and over.

What Stops Doctors From Making a Change

What Stops Doctors From Making a Change

Why are so many intelligent, educated, and hard-working physicians struggling? Why don’t they just take themselves out of their current situation and find something better?

Should a Doctor Go Into Academics or Private Practice?

Should a Doctor Go Into Academics or Private Practice?

I tell my residents that academics is about depth and private practice is about breadth. In a lot of specialist fields, the private practice opportunities can provide some of that breadth. What you choose really depends on your preferences and how you feel you can work best in a given environment when weighed against all the factors that are important to you.

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