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My goal is to help medical professionals achieve wealth without forgetting why, which is to live a life well lived.  Here, we use the tools provided by financial independence to treat and prevent burnout.

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I still remember reading the headline, “GL advisor founder sentenced to nine years in prison.”  Just years prior, this was the group that my medical school entrusted to talk to the fourth year medical students for their intern…

This is Physician Finance Interview #14, which is part of a series of posts is published each Friday. If you’d like to read the other PFI posts, you can find them here.

The focus of the interview is to investigate how other doctors have handled their money, income earning…


As someone who works in medicine, we are all too aware of our mortality.  Any day could be our last.  And, since I have a website where I can say what I want, it seems like it’s the right thing to do to leave this here for my wife…


The other day I gave a talk to my residents on Investing 101.  Before I could talk about investing, we had to discuss some basics of personal finance, including budgeting and preventing large lifestyle inflation after finishing training. One of the most important questions that we covered…

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The Physician Philosopher Manifesto: A Journey to Wealth


Throughout the first thirty years of my existence I did not learn a thing about personal finance from just about anyone.  Not my parents.  Not my grandparents. …Read more

Five Steps to Building Wealth

TPP Takeaways:

Minimize debt while in medical school and residency!   Enter into REPAYE in training (if you can and it makes sense).  If you aren’t sure, sign up for…Read more

What do I need to know about disability insurance?


My residents often ask me, “what do I need to know about disability insurance?” Given that a large part of this website is preventing students and residents from making mistakes,…Read more

Choosing the right Medical Specialty


The Physician Philosopher (TPP) Takeaways:

Biggest branch point in deciding:  Procedural versus non-procedural.  After that it gets more difficult!
Love the good aspects of the specialty you…Read more

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